Education Minister: Greek Schools Are 20,000 Teachers Short

c1834f362b9912b65be6806deb3f8105_XLGreek Education Minister Aristides Baltas said that Greek schools are about 20,000 teachers short at the moment.

Speaking on national broadcaster ERT on Monday, Baltas said that the government is putting every effort so that staff shortages will be minimized when the new school year starts in September.

Along with the teaching staff shortage there is also a shortage of books, the Minister noted. He said that the school system is lacking sufficient funds for the proper operation of schools.

Baltas added that most positions will be filled by substitute teachers since the new reforms do not allow for the hiring of permanent teachers and estimated that about 10,000 teachers can be hired as contract employees partly funded through the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) program of the EU.


  1. most were fired as part of the last 5 years of austerity, along with policemen and firefighters

    all to save banks that made irresponsible bets

  2. Tsipras seems to be more concerned with feeding illegal immigrants and providing them with accommodation than he does with providing ethnic greeks with education, medical care or food to put in their mouths – he thinks muslim illegal immigrants deserve more help than greeks

  3. Baltas statement political terms means SYRIZA needs 20,000 voters and their dependents to remain ensconced in power.