New Heat Wave in Greece This Week

Heat WaveWith mercury expected to flirt with extremely high temperatures, there is no respite expected from the sizzling Greek heat until the end of the week.

According to Greek meteorologists, temperature will reach 39C on Tuesday in Serres, Thessaly and central Greece, while it will climb to 35C in the islands. Humidity levels will increase and winds will be weak.

However, the real hot spell is expected to last for three days, from Wednesday to Friday, with temperature going up to 39C in the mainland, while it will climb to 35-37C in the islands. The winds will be weak and will not exceed 4Bft in northeastern Greece.

The forecast is offering a sliver of hope that the heat wave will weaken a bit by Friday evening, with temperature dropping by 2-3 degrees during the weekend.


  1. Could this be the effects from all the wildfires? Will the ocean level rise and inundate Piraeus? Or is this just normal temperatures for summer? The hospitals will be busy treating overheated Brits. Only mad dogs and Englishmen dare go out in the summer midday sun.