Tax Evasion on Greek Islands Exceeds 50%

tax-evasionSweeping tax audits are in progress on Greek islands since last weekend and the first results show high tax evasion rates. The highest rates were recorded in hotels, restaurants and bars, where they did not issue receipts.

It was reported that during 63 inspections carried out over the past days in Heraklion, Crete, Greek authorities encountered 33 violations and 39 offenders, while delinquency rate exceeded 50%.

The audits are currently carried out by tax officials from local tax offices, while there will be more audits in the coming days. Greece’s new Deputy Finance Minister Trifon Alexiadis has prepared a Ministerial decision that will lay down the way inspections are carried out in the coming months and the rest of the summer period in order to arrest tax evaders and increase VAT revenue.

Executives involved in the audits indicated that delinquency rates remain high, while adding that new methods are being implemented in order to conceal tax evasion. Several business owners are tapping into their cash registers in order to make their daily turnover appear lower than it really is, while also making it appear as if the business has issued the right amount of receipts. This decreases VAT revenue for the state, while authorities are not able to detect any form of tax evasion.


  1. Greece should take advantage of its shortage of bank notes to eliminate currency notes. If all transactions were electronic, it would be much harder to evade taxes.

  2. The act of tapping from the registers typically called skimming is as old as cash and taxes. This cat and mouse game between the small shopkeepers and taxing authorities continues unabated and likely will become more creative in some ways as punishment to this government for cheating us. The large tax cheats however like those on the Lagarde List, former MPs and ministers remain largely unaffected.

  3. Most businesses in Greek Islands are connected to some politicians together with their parasites from the public sector which give them the upper hand to evade taxes by bribing or offer some sort of favors to Tax inspectors to turn the blind eye. Some politicians have accumulated great wealth from nothing by just getting into parliament and never paid taxes. The main problem is our politicians who do facilitate corruption within our society.

  4. The best thing for all the businesses to do will be to close down and then they will not have any money taken away as taxes from the money they earn through their work.
    These taxes will only be given for Free to people who do not work anyway>

  5. If the businesses closed down for a few weeks they would have a Tax break and the people who had jobs might appreciate better how good businesses are to them by providing them with jobs that pay.

  6. Do the registers belong to the Tax department, and does everybody in the country have a cash register from which taxes will be taken, or should only some have that burden ?


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