Former Thessaloniki Mayor Released Early from Prison

Former Mayor of ThessalonikiVassilis Papageorgopoulos
Former Thessaloniki Mayor Vasilis Papageorgopoulos

Former Thessaloniki Mayor Vasilis Papageorgopoulos was released from prison on Monday after serving twenty nine months of his twelve year prison sentence.

Papageorgopoulos had been found guilty of embezzling money from the city of Thessaloniki during his tenure and had been sentenced to twelve years in prison back in February 2013.

The former Mayor managed to secure his release after proving that he is handicapped in more than 67% of his body.

Papageorgopoulos’ early release using this pretext is provided in the prison reform law that the Greek parliament ratified in April 2015. One of the reform’s provisions is that prisoners with more than 67% handicap could be released from prison if they had completed more than one fifth of their sentence.

Papageorgopoulos is required to stay within the Greek borders.


  1. Another corrupt way to release himself from prison. I can’t believe this sxxt country with a sxxt and corrupt system how it fucktion??? What sort of laws do we have here??? I’m ashamed to be called Greek.


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