Greek Deputy Citizen Protection Minister: Varoufakis Undermines Democracy

panousis1--2-thumb-largeGreek Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis said that the secret plans former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis had to return Greece to the drachma “undermine democracy” and that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will hardly contain the extremist dissidents within his party.

Panousis spoke to Greek TV on Monday night and when asked about Greece’s Prime Minister and his struggle to face SYRIZA‘s Left Platform he said that “…Tsipras is in a difficult position. He tries for unity but he cannot achieve it… Votes can make you a Prime Minister but only important decisions can make you a leader.”

Regarding the former Finance Minister’s Plan B to create a parallel banking system and return Greece to a national currency, the deputy Minister said that such acts undermine democracy and justice should step in. He also said that as a cabinet member, he never heard of such a plan.

“[Varoufakis] plays a game, a role. This story has political undertones… It might have to do with the creation of a new political party, it might be aimed to depreciate the Prime Minister and create another SYRIZA. Anyway, such an act has political connotations,” Panousis said.

Regarding SYRIZA’s Left Platform and its insistence to return to the drachma, Panousis said this in an extremist view and reminds of a one-party political system. “All this talk about rationing of goods, clashing with the Greek society, what kind of state is that? How do they imagine a state with drachma as its currency? I cannot understand the way they think. How are they going to do all that? Who gives them the right to claim they can do all that?”

Panousis also reiterated his view about the government being a three-party coalition with two different SYRIZAs and the right-wing ANEL. Speaking about Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou and her stance against Tsipras, the deputy Minister said that she often oversteps the bounds of her position and that she will probably not finish her term.

Finally, Panousis repeated his disagreement with the referendum because it divided Greek people and that, at the moment, they do not need to be subjected to difficult dilemmas.


  1. I have never heard such garbage in my life. Having worked with Greek academics for decades, I am familiar with the low quality of many of them — but this takes the cake.

    Let’s get some things straight. Any finance minister who did not have a credible plan to deal with a possible exit from the euro would be irresponsible and incompetent. Secondly, such a plan should not be communicated to other ministers, because they would open their big mouths and damage Greece. Thirdly, such a plan would be the responsibility of the prime minister. Fourthly, the idea of taking the issue to the Council of State is quite obscene. This court is the same one that ruled their own pensions (over 5,000 a month) could not be cut when low pensions could be. This is the same court that has consistently rejected applications for review of VERY serious breaches of law concerning the State and its procedures for public appointments. Consistently, the judges on the court have shown that they do not have the interests of Greece at heart — only their own political and financial interests.

    And let me remind this jerk: Varoufakis was elected as an MP with a massive majority. Unlike most Greek government ministers, he has shown a clear commitment to democracy. Have you?

  2. Panousis is a joke, the referendum was the right of the Greek people, this is Democracy.
    Simply the vote should have been, Euro or DRACHMA.

  3. Unbelievable these attacks on Varoufakis now. Yes, it is proven beyond any doubt that he was not a gifted politician. He simply had no training and needed some steering wheels.

    But to start endless discussions about him now is self-defeating. He had contingency plans in place – of course. Strong forces want Greece out of the Euro. Of course they should have planning. So what?

    So he told a group of investors. The self-declared Marxist tells a group of investors before the Greek people. It’s funny. Clearly he was stressed. He lost his judgement. He got narcissistic.

    But Greece must now understand that it has work to do! Start working on the reforms. Explain to people that farmers can not have tax breaks because then everyone becomes farmers. VAT must rise because it’s the only tax Greece is able to collect, etc.

    You guys have work to do! Do not waste time on this. How will it make anything better? Yes Y.V. was a poor politician. So what?! Almost all Greek finance ministers have failed. You can’t have a society where only a tiny minority pays taxes. Just show to Europe that you are prepared to do some sacrifices to end this, while painful in the short term, a lot of goodwill and investment is soon to come for the country. Even I consider for the first time a vacation in the Aegian — now that the tourists have to pay tax. Imagine you have one industry — tourism — and that did not have to pay VAT. Crazy. Now that’s fixed, and Greek vacations are ethical again. You say some islands are poor? Well transfer some of the revenue collected from the rich islands, then. Don’t give tax breaks for the casinos in Rhodes.

    Good luck!