Supreme Court Brings Lawsuits Against Varoufakis to Greek Parliament

Varoufakis_Supreme CourtGreece’s Supreme Court forwarded two lawsuits filed by Greek citizens against Yanis Varoufakis to parliament, which must now decide whether the former Minister’s immunity should be lifted so tha he can stand trial.

The lawsuits were filed by Stylida Mayor and “Teleia” party head Apostolos Gletsos and lawyer Panagiotis Giannopoulos. The two men filed the lawsuits after the tapes of a Varoufakis speech revealed his scheme to set up a secret parallel payment system and push for the return to a national currency.

The former Minister’s plan created an uproar among opposition parties who demanded that Varoufakis is kicked out of SYRIZA. Some PMs even accused him of treason, while several coalition MPs openly criticized Varoufakis’ statements and suggested that the Prime Minister removes him from the party.

Varoufakis defended himself speaking to The Financial Times on Tuesday, saying that all he wanted was to generate a scheme that would help Greece overcome liquidity problems. However, the plan included hacking in to taxpayers’ accounts.

“Given the absence of a central bank to support the state’s endeavors, the Greek government’s arrears to the private sector (individuals and companies) have been perpetually deflationary since 2008,” argued the former Finance Minister.

“Arrears… consistently exceeded 3% of gross domestic product for five years. Meanwhile, a feedback effect boosts tax arrears which, in turn, reinforce the cycle of generalized liquidity,” he said.

“Our simple idea was to allow for multilateral cancellation of arrears between the state and the private sector using the tax office’s existing web-based payments platform,” Varoufakis explained.

“A reserve account could be created per tax file number on the tax office’s web interface and be credited with arrears owed by the state to that individual or organization. Tax file number holders would be able to transfer credits from their reserve account either to the state (in lieu of tax payments) or to any other tax file number reserve account,” he said.

Varoufakis went on to blame creditors for Greece’s financial woes and put most of the blame in Eurozone policies and practices: “There is a hideous restriction of national sovereignty imposed by the Troika of lenders upon Greek Ministers who are denied access to departments of their Ministries, pivotal in implementing innovative policies.”

“When sovereignty is lost, due to unsustainable official debt, yields suboptimal policies in already stressed nations, one knows that there is something rotten in the euro’s kingdom,” he said, paraphrasing Shakespeare.


  1. In my eyes Yanis Varoufakis is the only hero in Greece. I got sick to see that Tsipras caved in for the Troika. This plan B would have worked for Greece.

    Even more sickening is the fact that Greece had a referendum were the people made the final decision (democratic proces), the Troika wiped their butt with the referendum, and the prime minister caved in.
    Ladies and gentlemen, this is world history written!!!!! this is the end of Democracy, and the end of sovereignity.

    To the infamous quote of one of history’s Arch-Villains:
    “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”

    So far; there was little in this plan which should seem at all outrageous or controversial, to any informed people.

    The “Syriza rebels” planned to arrest the senior representative of the banking crime syndicate in their own nation: their “central bank governor”. They planned to take back what this criminal bank was hoarding from and not holding for the Greek people. And they planned to look outside the corrupt, fascist, Western bloc – as they tried to escape from their (so-called) “allies”

    The ECB controlled Greece’s money supply (and thus controlled Greece); and, as we all know, the One Bank controls the ECB and all of the West’s puppet central banks. Greece could not/cannot reclaim its economic sovereignty unless and until it rids itself of this slave-currency ” the Euro”.

    Equally, any/all Western nations which seek to be free from corruption (or at least reduce their corruption) must distance themselves from the disgraceful, irredeemable hegemony of the United States, and the endless war-crimes it perpetrates as part of its phony, fraudulent “War on Terror”. Looking to China and/or Russia as the new (legitimate) power-bloc in the world would have seemed outrageous and ridiculous, a generation ago. Today, it stands out clearly as the least-insane option.

    Well, I can only hope that one day the Citizen of planet Earth understand that Not Democracy rules this world but those who control a nation’s money supply, and let this been. said…….they don’t care who makes the laws” Good luck……SHEEPLE!

  2. Immunity ? What a joke. That law must go. However, Varoufakis should be worried about the U.S. Justice Department criminal investigation. There is no immunity from that, and the U.S. will come to Greece to get him, and take him back to face criminal charges, along with his U.S. accomplice.

  3. If Greece will jail the man who had a right plan to fix their economy,
    then, Greece economy deserves to crash and burn for being stupid

  4. Varoufakis is the real hero in all of this..The other 2 clowns filing lawsuits are useless and cannot count their fingers on their hand and feet…And are wasting time…
    Use their time in parliament to come up with some reforms and get off their fat arses and do something useful for the benefit of the Greek people..
    1. Abolish permanent employment
    2. reduce the public sector by 50% at least
    3.Start privatising Greek assets rather than letting the EU do it for you..
    Your incompetence knows no boundaries…and are the laughing stock of the world..and cannot see it…But you would rather waste your time and effort against Varoufakis…At least he did more for benefit of Greece than all of you put together…Something none of you are capable of..

  5. World War 1 and 2 results look different from a different perspective.
    The Allies which includes Greece and Cyprus suffered more injuries and deaths than the Axis which includes Germany and Turkey.
    What win?
    The name of the game it seems is injure and kill more and rule.
    This scenario can also be seen on forex and stock financial markets. Markets move against the crowd. There are more unprofitable traders than profitable because somehow someway the market chases the crowds protective stops.

  6. Different tools for different jobs.
    The parallel system would work for Greece.
    There are different layers of government eg. federal, state, local.
    Varoufakis should be Prime Minister and Tsipras should be Secretary.
    I personally think Tsipras wanted the Drachma.
    Tsipras looks like a decent person.
    Difference is you’ve got to do in government what you want to do because you can’t do it in opposition.

  7. The US murders across the world with drones, so let’s hope that they send one to get you for your tax cheating.

  8. Agree, with your comment. Thank you for putting it in such a coherent manner. Hope, some will see past the facade. I am infuriated with how this is being played out by the mass media, gloved puppets….what a mockery of what the Western world calls “democracy”…guess the word has never been analysed……

  9. I am completely shocked by this proposal. I just don’t understand how those people, who are potentially bringing this action, consider that trying to ensure there is an eminently sensible plan B in the face of the country going bankrupt is tantamount to treason! Even if the Plan B were to have been drawn up, Yanis Varoufakis would not have been the instigator of the plan – the Prime Minister would have had the final say after consulting colleagues and Parliament. As ‘knowitall’ says, Yanis is indeed a hero and Tsipras has shown himself to be spineless when faced with reality.

  10. You forgot a few more..

    Lift the immunity for ALL current politicians as well as x politicians & start prosecuting those on the Lagarde list that a) gained money by deception / criminal proceeds b) not paying their tax.

    By taking the proceeds of crime the country then could pay a chunk back to the EU & then do a shake up of corruption, particularly those tax officials using the 40-40-20 rule (40% of the bill to the official, 40% to Kosta & 20% to the Greek tax office).

    The whole system is run like a joke & the non compliance starts right at the top and trickles right to the bottom to your average Jo . This is Greece’s problem

  11. Spoken as a true LIBERTARIAN the only party in the world that stands for the Liberty Movement.
    Check out the USA, the elections are coming but also here money rules. 2 major Candidates: Jeff Bush and Hillary Clinton. Both with plenty of money to organise the Mainstream Media, and now “the weasel” Mr. Donald Trump is running as well ( tons of money).
    If RON PAUL leader of the Libertarian Party had that kind of money he would become the best president of the USA they ever had. God bless you Peterlund.

  12. They are eating their own. This will become a media show in the courtroom. Varoufakis will call the PM to the witness stand to testify, risking his political neck and legacy. I believe nothing substantive will come of this but you are correct it will strengthen Varoufakis’ name among those disenfranchised with Tsipras.

  13. ” If a SYRIZA voter beat someone with a baseball bat should Tsipras be arrested like Nikolaos Michaloliakos was?” if the order and organization came from Tsipras, then yes. this is what happened in the GD case

  14. Yes that is gonna happen, they are digging their own graves. Varoufakis is the only patriot


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