Father and Son Found Murdered in Northern Greece

greek-policeTwo men, a 72-year-old pharmacist and his 27-year-old son, were found dead in their home in Serres, northern Greece. Their bodies were found by the elder man’s daughter around 10:00 pm on July 28. Greek police and EMTs were immediately called to the scene but unfortunately the two men had already passed away.

Their bodies were found in the first floor apartment of a two-story building. According to the preliminary forensic investigation, the two men bore multiple stab wounds.

The 72-year-old was found lying in a pool of his own blood on the living room floor, while the son was spotted near the apartment’s entrance. Greek authorities were puzzled by the crime scene and are currently investigating multiple scenarios.

The most unlikely scenario is that of a robbery gone terribly wrong, since there were no signs of a break-in, there was nothing missing and the scene did not appear messy enough to justify a robbery.

Police officers are also investigating whether there was a fight between father and son, which lead to the tragic outcome. According to the police, the son was facing psychological problems and had been hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic in the past.

Finally, authorities are also looking into another scenario. They believe that a third person who knew the victims might have fought with the two men and ended up murdering them. This scenario appears more likely, since police have not yet found the knife that was used for the crime.

The autopsy and forensic investigation are expected to bring important clues to light regarding the events that led to the double homicide.


  1. I won’t be surprised if the killer or killers turn out to be illegal immigrants. I’ll keep an eye out for news on arrests. As with multiple other incidents of home invasions in Greece ending in gruesome murder, the perpetrators always turn out to be illegal immigrants. Some examples below.

    3 ILLEGAL Georgian immigrants arrested, after they broke into the home of two elderly Greek women (aged 71 & 80), who were sisters, tied them up, robbed them, & BEAT THEM BOTH TO DEATH. Search on You Tube for: “Χτύπησαν μέχρι θανάτου τις δύο ηλικιωμένες”

    54 year old Greek lady and her 56-year-old gynecologist husband at their residence at Coast Nireos, Aliveri, Euboea, murdered by an illegal 23 year old Pakistani immigrant.

    72-year-old Greek citizen and his 73-year-old wife, murdered inside their home in a village of Ioannina, Ktismata, on the Greek-Albanian border. The killer is an illegal 30 year old Albanian immigrant. Google: “Suspect in murder of elderly couple in Ioannina in custody”