SYRIZA Left Platform Ready to Clash with Greek PM Tsipras

Tsipras-lafazanisThe opposing statements made on Greek radio by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his “opponent,” Left Platform leader Panagiotis Lafazanis, show that the Thursday meeting of SYRIZA’s Central Committee might end into a showdown within the ruling party.

After the interview Tsipras gave to “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Wednesday morning, Lafazanis was invited by “Parapolitika” radio to comment on the Prime Minister’s statements. The former Minister said that he was busy and did not listen to Tsipras’ interview so he could not comment.

In his interview, Tsipras indirectly accused the party’s dissidents of having a plan to come to a rift with the government line. He said that the priority of the government is to complete the bailout deal and then solve the party disputes. He also said that it is surreal that the Left Platform says it supports the government but at the same time goes against the government line on the bailout issue.

However, the Lafazanis side demand that the Prime Minister stops negotiations immediately and starts working on an alternative financial plan outside the European Union. They want an ongoing party congress so that SYRIZA returns to the agenda promised before the elections.

Lafazanis said that the party line was to stay in the Eurozone but not at any cost. He said that the third Memorandum Tsipras is about to sign goes against the party line and the Greek people who voted “No” in the referendum. When told that the referendum was against austerity and not against the Eurozone, Lafazanis said that the government signed a bad Memorandum despite the people’s mandate and the particular Memorandum will enslave the Greek people.

Finally, the Left Platform leader said that SYRIZA should unite and return to its pre-election program to abolish Memoranda. And the government should say “No” to the third bailout that would mortgage Greece and its people.

When asked if he will support the government, Lafazanis said that he would support a government that is anti-Memorandum.


  1. The No vote meant NO to the memorandum. So, Tsipras should have rejected the memorandum and gone back to the people and asked them again: “Do you want slavery?” Given no other choice, the Greek People would have rejected the agreement. And, though the shooting hasn’t started, do in fact, reject it.

    Tispras is an idiot to try to bluff his way through this process which has led to his “loss of Soul”. He is outside unfolding events. He should have started Plan B (leave Euro/keep EU) within two months of the process, kept talking once in a while with the Euro currency group and keep smiling, letting it do whatever, whenever.

    What should be the fear? There are nations who maintain their own currency within the EU and are doing better than Greece. Nine of them: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom. All trade with two currencies, their own and the Euro, as it best suits them.

  2. YAWN – Still waiting for Lafazanis to stop talking like a typical Marxist phony and actually take action, which would mean resigning from SYRIZA and either remaining as an independent MP, or taking the supposed dissidents within SYRIZA and forming a new anti-bailout party. If this Marxist phony Lafazanis was genuinely opposed to the memorandum he could have collapsed the coalition by resigning with fellow alleged dissident SYRIZA MPs forcing snap elections.

  3. You compare Sweden etc. with Greece, they are not to comparable, almost none of those countries is, perhaps except Bulgaria.
    The only fact is that they dont have the euro.
    But the euro is not the problem, the Greek economy is, with or without the euro.

  4. Lafazanis can be more effective operating from within SYRIZA than outside. But as he and Tsipras agendas are on a collision course it will not be long before party tears apart over basic ideology like adhering to the party platform.

  5. The hammer has been capital control basically keeping the banks in Greece addicted to the Euro all while their accounts were emptied by panicking depositors transferring their wealth to safer German or Swiss banks. I agree Tsipras handled this very badly and he recognizes he must position himself in the media as the defender of the people following the referendum he forced to relinquish our national sovereignty, while he capitulates to the creditors. Once “reforms” take adverse effect on the economy following the summer season the boy-PM is all but finished. Greece had a great negotiating position with thousands of EZ nation tourists in Greece caught in the midst of a Eurocrat political-banking crisis. Another golden opportunity squandered by stupidity.

  6. Tsipras expected the July 5 referendum to return a resounding YES vote so he could then pretend that he wanted to adhere to his pre-election promises of rejecting the Troika memorandum, but that the referendum result forced him to sign a new 3rd memorandum. When a resounding 61% NO vote was announced the corrupt Marxist Tsipras and the Troika creditors were stunned.

    The Marxist criminal Tsipras and the Troika creditors launched a coordinated effort to ensure a YES majority vote, but the Troika-Tsipras referendum plan backfired, so Tsipras just ignored the overwhelming NO result and signed the memorandum anyway just a few days after the referendum. Unprecedented betrayal!

    Alexis Tsipras, and other MPs from his Radical Leftist SYRIZA party should stand trial on charges of forming a criminal organization with the intent to commit state treason by conspiring with the Troika against the Greek people.

    The fact that the Radical Leftist SYRIZA party ILLEGALY ignored the 61% NO referendum result, with 110 out of 149 SYRIZA MPs voting YES in support of a 3rd memorandum, 32 voting NO, 6 abstaining & 1 absent, is grounds for laying charges against the Radical Leftist SYRIZA party of operating as a criminal organization, and conspiring with foreign creditors in a conscious decision to engage in state treason.