Tourists Will Not Be Visiting Greek Camping Sites This Year

camping-708Occupancy rates in organized camping sites across Greece have shown a dramatic decrease this year and owners claim they will not have enough time to recover from the two previous slow months. According to Greek media, in an attempt to make up for their losses, organized camping site owners are offering discounts and interesting deals to foreign and Greek tourists.

The first signs of decrease in occupancy rates were recorded in late June and early July when the Greek government announced the referendum, which led to the imposition of capital controls on Greek banks, thus freezing the market. According to the Panhellenic Camping Association, occupancy in organized camping sites only amounts to 30% nationwide.

The tourist season’s good start in late April filled people with optimism. Even though weather did not help at all in June, tourist business owners believed that this year would offer a breather to several companies. However, Greeks’ economic insecurity in regards to the new tax regime, as well as tourist insecurity due to the capital controls, brought a 60% decrease in arrivals in June and 35% in July.

“We do not have time to recover from what happened over the last months. Even though the tourist season lasts until late September in certain areas, the vast majority of camping sites are open until August 18. This season has been lost. At the moment, occupancy rates are estimated between 25% and 30%,” noted Panhellenic Camping Association president Kostas Papadopoulos.


  1. I don’t think that capital controls is the problem if you are going to pleb it with camping. You don’t need much cash if you go camping so maybe the numbers have dropped because people are scared of all those boat people lurking about & they don’t feel safe in a tent.

  2. Greece‘s tourism industry continues to prove its resilience and sees visitor numbers rising compared to last year, Alternate Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura informedthe Al Jazeera television network