Finance Ministry Reportedly Bans Beach Parties on Greek Islands

Schinias BeachThe Greek party is over – at least on paper it is.

According to Greek media reports, the country’s Finance Ministry informed all involved parties in the Greek islands, including authorities and businessmen, that a number of activities on the beach are illegal.

Loud music, beach parties and concerts are banned from Greece’s beaches and public places. Municipalities and local law enforcement are ordered to prevent these events once they realize that an event of this kind is being organized.

Parties and loud music on the beach, organized either by business establishments such as bars or groups of people, are often sightings in the Greek islands during the summer, especially those that attract tourists.

Music on the beach is still allowed, but, per the new order, the noise level must be up to 50 dB. Furthermore, lights on the beach must remain low-level.


  1. Probably for the same reasons they are leaving Cyprus…..government incompetence, ignorance and corruption costs a lot these days.

  2. The normal beach parties, barbecues etc are not forbidden, nor music to a medium level…beach cafes, discos etc can function too…just not dominating entire islands with unbelievable noise levels at night…

  3. Is this law pushed through so illegal immigrants sleeping on the beaches have a peaceful night sleep?