Greek Minister Kountoura: Greece Remains one of the Top Tourist Destinations

chinese-greek-tourismIn two interviews with Al Jazeera, Greek Alternate Minister for Tourism Elena Kountoura thanked the tourists that had chosen Greece for their holidays and noted that tourist traffic is higher than last year.

Kountoura noted that tourism is still high on the list of preferred destinations for tourism and underlined Greece’s interest in the Middle East tourist market.

In the last month, she added, she had visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and secured agreements designed to boost Greek tourism, such as the addition of direct flights to Greece from the end of June.

Noting that Greece is a safe and ideal destination for holidays, Kountoura also announced the launch of an internet campaign to attract last-minute tourists from across the world and said that her Ministry is working round the clock to immediately solve any problems that may arise.

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. As a good socialist, Elena’s next trip should be Turkey to promote migrant-tourism-resident programs in the Syrian Refugee camps.


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