SYRIZA Central Committee Session Turns into a Battlefield

zoi-lafazanis-1070Greece’s ruling party looks likely to will split in two after Thursday’s Central Committee emergency session saw the Left Platform accusing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of “shackling Greece with a bailout Memorandum.”

Earlier in the meeting, Tsipras asked for party unity in order to implement the reforms required for a three-year, 86-billion-euro bailout program. Tsipras said that he needs the leftist votes in order to make the first leftist government in Greece succeed. Otherwise, he said, he would have to resort to a SYRIZA grass roots referendum with the question “euro or drachma?”

Left Platform leader Panagiotis Lafazanis replied: “How many referenda do we need? We had a referendum and we got 62%”

Lafazanis went on to say that “Democracy is finished. The system of government in the country is the dictatorship of the euro.”

The Left Platform leader also said that the alternative solution was never discussed and indirectly accused the government for making the euro currency into religious faith.

At the same time, Greek Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou — who also opposes the signing of the third bailout deal — said that “SYRIZA did not get a people’s mandate to shackle the country with a bailout memorandum.”

“It is the historic duty of the Left to protect the people and democracy… to protect the right to dream… to build a new, viable world,” Konstantopoulou said. “Protecting the constitution is not surrealism,” she also said, paraphrasing Tsipras’ statement that it is surreal that some SYRIZA MPs claim they support the government but they oppose its policies.

During the session, 17 members of the Central Committee resigned, claiming ideological differences with current party policy.


  1. If this is NOT a staged event then it is all but certain this government will call for snap elections and the end of Tsipras’ Administration. We can anticipate further polarization of the electorate into smaller focused special interest groups that will coalesce into a loosely knit coalition government of multiple parties. The net effect creates a stalemate for future reforms and the inevitable and long predicted Grexit.

  2. What option were the people given when their 62% vote was not accepted, the Euro must go together with the politicians who sit in parliament that sold out Greece, and who created the debts because they could not run the country with balanced budgets, they are to blame, no business could run the way they ran the country without going broke.

  3. Tsipras isn’t following a “left” policy. If Syriza adopts his policy, they will move a long long away from being a party of the People. Tispras should join one of the establishment parties instead of making Syriza into a traitorous party. Now, who can the People vote for?

    I think that Zoe, should run for PM on the Debt Truth platform in a new parallel Party created by her, Yanis and Lafazanis. If the People know the Truth, they will move toward better solutions. Tsipras (this smiling man, the Greek Tony Blair, is no one’s friend) has to go or a new party has to come and will come into being. The Referendum held already proves that the press and polls are manipulated by the Oligarchy.

    A better world with better institutions for Trade await Greece. Look East aid BRICS, AIIP, EAEU, SCO. None of the participants have to give up their currencies, or trade with Dollars, follow US sanctions or enter into war starting alliances like NATO, etc. The new credit rating agency UCRG (Egan-Jones, Dagon, RusRating, all partners in the UCRG) is truly independent.

    Nine EU members have kept their own – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom. All trade with two currencies, their own and the Euro, trade with whom they want as it best suits them. Greece can correct a gigantic mistake and return to the Drachma, which they should not have left. The banks needed them to make this mistake and earlier Leaders of Greece, like Tsipras, did understand enough how protect the People.

  4. why will this idiot Tsipras not resign??????????? he just won’t give up his job, even when he goes against his own election promises and his own party is falling apart – the man is a moron!!

  5. i think Tsipras won’t go – he lacks integrity and wants that salary, he will split the party and form a coalition with another party to keep his salary. He has no morals or integrity at all, he just wants to get his salary,

  6. If you cut the value of your currency you slow imports and you increase production at home, more jobs, more domestic consumption and growth in your own economy, why do you think America, England, Australia, Canada have their own fluctuating currencies, wake up if you do not understand..

  7. It is you that must wake up Tom my friend, Greece is NOT an export oriented economy, you move to the drachma and you can no longer buy any of the basic needs for manufacturing, not to mention petrol and gaz. To give but one example, even the bottles used for olive oil are imported, hence the reason why 40% of production moves to Italy to be bottled and sold again at 50% added profit.

  8. … apologies Tom, I meant to write that SIXTY per cent, not 40%, of Greek olive produced moves to Italy, because Greece is incapable of bottling on it’s own. There is virtually no manufacturing in Greece that can profit from devaluation .. only tourism, until restaurants and hotels raise their prices to non competitive levels. Unemployment will soar under devaluation and sadly the poor will become poorer still.

  9. Thanks to Tsipiras and his cronies, Syriza is a busted flush. The Greek people have been sold down the river and left up shit creek without a paddle.
    Tsipiras is a traitor and nothing more than a tool of the capitalist class that controls the EU, the IMF and the banks.


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