The King of Morocco’s Big Fat Greek Vacation

King of Morocco Mohammed VI, Princess Lalla SalmaKing Mohammed VI of Morocco and his wife Princess Lalla Salma travelled to Greece and spent about 5 million euros for their 7-day vacation in the Ilia region, on the western coast of Peloponnese.

The King of Morocco arrived last Wednesday, accompanied by his wife, two children, his regent and the ambassador of Morocco in Greece. Their company included several members of the royal family as well as many of their friends.

Morocco KingThe Moroccan royal family’s personal guard consisted of around 70 men and women of the Royal Guard, and 50 Greek police officers from Ilia and Achaia. They were being pampered by their faithful servants, butlers, trainers, cooks and other staff.

During their stay, thrones, red carpets, tents, marbles, portraits of the King, as well as food, drinks and thousands of other objects were delivered to Ilia, while a big part of the beach in front of the hotel they stayed was specifically configured for them so they can enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

According to Forbes, the King of Morocco is the richest ruler in Africa, with his personal fortune being estimated at around 2 billion dollars.


  1. nop is not corrupted as you thing Sr is good king and all morrocan love him, do not judge if you don’t live in the country… thx

  2. We moroccans love him, he’s a humble and modest man. It’s his personal fortune, he can spend it however he wants ..

  3. humble you say? i don’t think you know the meaning of humble. if you knew, you would not use it in this context. spending 7 million in one week is not realy humble

  4. Enters the door promote tourism within the country affected by the economic crisis,
    We moroccans love him, he’s a humble and modest man. It’s his personal fortune, he can spend it however he wants ..
    Nothing else
    so sotp talking

  5. Can Greece borrow him for awhile. We need a leader, at the moment we have a clown leading us to hell.

  6. I’m Moroccan and I can’t stand him, and were is he getting this “personal fortune” if it isn’t from the Moroccan taxpayer?

  7. No, he is not corrupt. He is the best thing that happened to Morocco for a long time. Take it from a Moroccan expatriate.

  8. you should be happy that our king came to support your economie,specially in this hard time that you are going through

  9. this king follows in the footsteps of his tyrant father who stole the wealth of the poor moroccans , my message to this thief who spent 5 millions euros of the tax payers money in one week while the poor in morocco are starving is : enjoy it while you can because you are going to be judged in the hereafter by the almighty god

  10. this king is way more corrupt than you can imagine . I am moroccan and I can tell you this for sure . his budget is more than 250 million euros a year and it comes from the taxpayers money he owns tens of castles and estates throughout morocco and abroad he is both a businessman and the leader of the country he doesnt share the power with anybody he doesnt pay any taxes he lives in luxury with his cronies while the majority of moroccans are struggling to make ends meet . I forgot to tell you that he owns more than 600000 hectares of fertile land and he gives himself the right to exploit all the natural resources in the country.