Varoufakis May Face Criminal Prosecution

bc7741b0-d749-45f5-8201-0822cec56033Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis may face criminal prosecution after senior state prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani ordered Greece’s Parliament to examine several complaints against him.

So far, Varoufakis is slapped with five separate lawsuits, with serious charges of “treason, violation of privacy data, breach of duty, violation of currency laws and belonging to a criminal organization.”

The charges are brought after Varoufakis revealed a contingency plan of a parallel payment system within Greece in case banks were forced to close. The plan included hacking into citizens’ tax profiles and generating a secret payment system, while ultimately leading to a national currency.

Currently, Varoufakis has immunity as a lawmaker. A ballot in parliament, though, can decide if his immunity is lifted so he can stand trial.

Meanwhile, citizen groups have organized a protest rally in front of the Supreme Court on Thursday evening, demanding the prosecution of the former Minister.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has distanced himself from Varoufakis. He has stated that he never authorized him to formulate such plans or any others that would endanger Greece’s stay in the Eurozone. On Wednesday, he spoke to “Sto Kokkino” radio station and during the two-hour interview he did not mention his former Finance Minister and friend even once.

On Thursday, during SYRIZA’s Central Committee meeting, Parliamentary Representative Nikos Filis stated that Varoufakis “has said a lot of bul%#&it.” He also said that if the things Varoufakis claims are true, he should stand trial at a special court, “but they are not true,” he added.


  1. He will probably be prosecuted in the U.S., for conspiracy for cyber fraud, since it was to occur in the U.S.. His Greek immunity in meaningless in the U.S..

    In the U.S. no one has immunity for any felony criminal act. That includes the President of the United States.

  2. Varoufakis is a patriot. Tsipras should be on trial for selling-out his country to the Nazis!

  3. If Yanis goes to trial he likely will name names and force them on the witness chair. It is a highly unlikely scenario given the history of politics in Greece. So the threat of criminal prosecution is much a do about nothing. Just another attempt to scare rather than convince MPs that Alexis deserves to remain PM.

  4. AVD the US President controls the Justice Department better than any Soviet Leader ever could. If Obama is convicted of a felony my name is Meier.

  5. when the American National Security Agency hackes it is all ok eh? worldwide eh? If the founding fathers of the USA would still be around, they would dismiss the whole congress, and prosecute most of them for treason.
    The US constitution has been written to protect the citizen for their Governments.
    Those founding fathers were patriots, people who protect people. You have no clue what patriotism means. Well I guess for you patriotism means: Conquer other Nations, Spy on other Nations and peoples affairs, bombing families, children, controlling the worldwide money supply, and drive the whole world into slavery.
    Just keep dancing in your own minefield and when you are ready to cross over, you are more than welcome to play in our garden.

  6. Varoufakis is the only Greek politician with integrity. None of the former prime ministers and crooked politicians have been charged for cooking the books and creating economic fraud on an international level. Varoufakis should run for prime minister and indite those former Greek politicians for fraud and tax evasion.

  7. what law was violated exactly? how is planning for an exit anything close to treason? for treason take a look at the last 40 years of ND/PASOK rule and especially the last 5 years.

  8. The U.S. government is three parts which are independent. The executive, judicial, and the legislature. I won’t say politics doesn’t enter into the equation. But technically, the president has no authority over the judiciary. If a judge decides to issue an arrest warrant, Obama can’t interfere.

  9. You have been listening to way too much media garbage. The NSA is military intelligence. It’s job was to stop another 9/11. I have no clue about patriotism ?

    I served as an officer in the USAF (Florida Air National Guard/ 125th Fighter Wing) and retired in 93 at the rank of major. I saw combat in “Desert Storm” (159th Fighter Squadron). Who are you to question my patriotism ? What branch of military service did you serve in. The obvious answer is none.

    You whine about the American military. However, at the first sign of trouble any nation has, that nation comes running to the U.S. and begging for the U.S. to protect them.

    You need to change your username to “knownothing” as the current one is extremely inaccurate, and doesn’t apply in your case.

  10. Yes, but what deal could he make ? His accomplice is in the U.S.. But since there are now more than one person, he could be prosecuted under the U.S. RICO statute. That’s not good for Varoufakis, if that were to happen.

    Varoufakis, has ticked off everyone. No one likes him, and he admits to conspiring against the EU. So some in the EU may press the U.S. to prosecute him. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    However, Varoufakis is stupid. He can’t keep his mouth shut. He just loves seeing himself in the media.

  11. I served in Lebanon as a peacekeeper in UNIFIL from 1980-1983, I have seen the results of your celebrated wars.
    Wish you all the best, honestly I do.

  12. So, Aggressor Viper Driver (???) went to a foreign country thousands of miles away from his home, to bomb innocent people in their homes and thinks he is a patriot. A teacher back home is a patriot to me. By the way, you are just a profile on internet. You can imagine anything you like you pretend to be. Cheers mate!

  13. I’m not sure I follow this. What’s in the deal for Obama if he prosecutes fellow erratic Marxists? Everyday we read of the US President violating the Constitution and nothing happens. There must be consequences for people’s actions otherwise the darker (no pun) authoritarian side comes forward. If Varoufakis is prosecuted it will eventually include Tsipras and many others that will not be to the liking of Eurocrats. This episode is merely theatrical scare tactics to keep people in-check and in-line.

  14. No, Americans are stupid. Collectively they are only concerned about today while spending away tomorrow. The US has 19 trillion in official debt close to 90 trillion in unfunded entitlements and untold trillions more state, county and municipal debt. US Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing prints billions of dollars of play money every month. US Foreign Policy is a disaster except if you ask an Iranian. Virtually every aspect of the US is in sharp decline infrastructure, businesses, schools, cultural morals-ethics, race relations, employment all except the phony equity markets and that will be next.

  15. “Celebrated wars” ? 3,000 innocent American citizens were murdered on 9/11 by an Islamic terrorist in the U.S.. In 1990, Saddam invaded Kuwait, which is a U.S. ally. The U.S. had every right to pursue, defeat, and destroy, those criminals. I am proud to have been a part of the defeat of a tyrant like Saddam, and his pathetic military. I make no apologies, and would gladly do it again.

  16. We will see. But I can tell you if someone like Trump were president, he would be charged. Just like the FIFI guys were charged. These are serious crimes in the U.S.. However, if the U.S. does charge him, it won’t be stupid. The only stupid one, is Varoufakis, for conspiring, and attempting, to carry out his illegal plan on U.S. soil, in violation of U.S. law.

  17. to AVP, I want to apologise to you.
    Served in Lebanon 1980-1983 for UNIFIL, seen the results of War. Just getting frusterated by seeing the never ending Wars.

  18. Not really. Varoufakis, for the record did commit a crime under U.S. law. He conspired with someone in the U.S. to commit this crime, as well as carry out the crime from the U.S.. So the U.S. certainly has jurisdiction over Varoufakis, and his accomplice.

    Tsipras claims he was aware of Plan B, but he doesn’t admit that he knew how Varoufakis intended to implement Plan B. If that is the case, then Tsipras is in the clear as far as a U.S. crime is concerned.

    Polycrates, you are intelligent enough to know you can’t believe anything you read in most of the media. NBC’s Brian Williams, their top news commentator, was just removed from his job for repeatedly lying on television. He’s not the only one. There have been several others.

    When it comes to the print media (newspapers) it’s much worse.

  19. Apology accepted. I too, am getting frustrated with what I see going on.

    You apology, speaks volumes of your high character. Thank you again.

  20. They weren’t innocent. They were Iraqi soldiers that had just invaded Kuwait, and murdered innocent civilians. I make no apologies for destroying them, as they received what they dished out to others. I sleep well every night, and would gladly do it again.

    So let me ask you. When your country is invaded……………are you going to ask patriotic teachers defend it ?

    In addition, you are correct about your profile comment. However, I could care less what you believe about me.

  21. Quite frankly this discussion of American constitution etc. is totally irrelevant and has no place in Greek affairs. Nor is anyone interested.

  22. The 61+% understand very well. This is a complete nonsense issue, a switch from non-stop media propaganda to “legal” theatrics that will die a certain death in the court of first instance.

  23. No way is Euterpe going to lay charges on Galbraith, Jeffrey Sachs and other US untouchables. As for “precedent” she will have to vilify ECB, Djieselbloem, Scheuble / Bundesbank, the EU commission and other Euro members who have make no secret of their emergency preparations. This bird won’t fly.

  24. Wrong, and your ignorance on the subject is quite evident. Varoufakis, conspired with a friend in the U.S. to hack secure websites, and wiretap phones from the U.S.. That is very relevant. Try getting a proper education.

    If the conspiracy occurred in Greece only, your point would be valid. However, it didn’t. The conspiracy by Varoufakis’s own admission took place in both Greece,and the U.S.. That fact, involves U.S. law, and the U.S. does have jurisdiction if charges are filed.

  25. Before this became public, Varoufakis was being pilloried for NOT having a backup plan. Now that the backup plan has been disclosed, the same idiots want to charge him with treason for doing what any sensible finance minister would have done. It sounds to me like the oligarchs want his head because he dared to even suggest that they pay their taxes.

  26. Is “Meier” supposed to be German or Jewish? And what do you have against a president controlling his own executive branch? Does not allowing the Republican congress to walk all over him now make him a Communist?

  27. You don’t understand. In their little neocon alternate reality fantasy world, the only important thing is that Obama is a secret Moslem and was born in Kenya, or Indonesia, or on the bottom of the sea. And he’s definitely a socialist, communist, liberal, despite the fact that he has done everything George W Pinhead did, only worse. It’s called “insanity,” and it has become the Republican platform eclipsing even Tricky Dick Nixon’s Southern Strategy. One might call it the Loony Toon Strategy.

  28. Indict. Not indite. But yes, I agree. Varoufakis should run for Prime Minister. Unless, of course, he understands that the oligarchs will do to him what they did to John Kennedy for the crime of standing up to them.

  29. You choose which as the name is found in German and Jewish families. The Justice Department MUST be impartial. If you think this US Administration maintains a hands off policy on the JD then you obviously have much to learn about Obama’s view on governance.

  30. It wiII aIso have to incIude Jeffrey Sachs, UN advisor and head of CoIumbia University Earth Institute. However the bIame. if any, rests with PM Tsipras, who commissioned this project. And quite rightIy so. If onIy he had made use of it!