Ancient Greek Drama Flows in Our Blood

Ancient Blood “Ancient Blood” is a sensational dance theater experience about women who struggle with their own deep-seated anxiety toward love, power and death. The performance is a vivid depiction of some of the primordial passions still running our modern societies because they are, after all, deeply human.

“Ancient Blood” is a bold try at examining the secret awe provoked by extreme mental attitudes through personality delineation of flagship ancient female characters, such as Electra, Cassandra, Hecuba and Medea.

The enchanting audience will travel to the ancient Greek tragic world, where they will witness a group of women bending over two tombs. They will try to discover the women’s little secrets, well-hidden in their monologues, while being in their deepest grief.

The main heroines of “Ancient Blood” will be embodied by four extremely talented Greek actresses; Lida Protopsalti as Hecuba, Mania Papadimitriou as Electra, Vicky Papadopoulou as Kassandra and Alexandra Sakellaropoulou as Clytemnestra.

Costas Georgousopoulos has worked on the ancient texts’ translation, while the whole idea, direction and choreography has been signed by Sophia Spyratou. Greek composer Stavros Xarchakos has also joined the team with his great music inspirations.

“Ancient Blood” 
August 21 (Prespes, “Prespeia” International Festival)
September 6 (Papagou)
September 7 (Ilioupoli)
September 10 (Skopje, “Stobi” International Ancient Drama Festival)
September 14 (Nea Smyrni)
September 16 (Vrachon Theater)


Ancient BloodAAAncient Blood


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