Draft Legislation for the Illegal Import of Tobacco in Greece

tsigaraGreek State Minister Panagiotis Nikoloudis presented on Thursday the government’s draft legislation to suppress the cigarette and tobacco “black market.”

The law introduces production line inspection, as well as packaging, trade, distribution and retail sales, with the proposition to prevent illegal trade and tax theft, while “cleaning up” the sector for the benefit of honest traders, who will regain their competitive advantage.

Nikoloudis said in a press conference that the new control systems will be an electronic tax and security band that will contain all the information concerning the product, including its quality, provenance and route before it reaches the market, and all this information will also be available on the database of Greece’s Finance Ministry.
Nikoloudis added that this will allow to confirm the authenticity of tobacco products.(source: ana-mpa)


  1. The crux problem is collusion between black marketers and government officials, not the source of tobacco.

  2. Have to love leftists. have time to legislate end of illegal tobacco to beef up government coffers… but then don’t have time to end mass illegal immigration.

  3. Past performance is a strong indicator of future results. Greece is no exception. If there is a euro to be made from the growing black market there will be a way to circumvent any “new” legislation. This get-tough policy is merely for public consumption…nothing more.

  4. How can they do that when in Omonia square and half way to Athinas road foreign women do sell

    cigarettes in day light to people walking in the pavement. How on earth they are going to tackle this problem??? shops in Omonia and the surrounding areas do sell illegal products from cigarettes to chinese goods. The police and the Taxdepartment knows about it but they never took action, why???