French Newspaper Describes Greek Crisis with Cartoon Video

French newspaper Le Monde presents the Greek crisis with an imaginative video clip describing the life and woes of the Patatopoulos family.

The five-minute clip shows three generations within a Greek family and the changes in their lives since recession hit Greece in 2010. According to the video producers, this is a typical Greek family during the ongoing crisis.

Alexis Patatopoulos is a public sector employee who saw his monthly salary of 1,400 euros in 2009 diminish to 900 euros in 2010. His wife, Sofia, had a small business that she was forced to shut down after having to pay excessive taxes. Now she cannot even receive unemployment benefits.

Their son, Pericles, belongs to the uniquely Greek category of young people age 25 to 35 who never left the family nest. He is a privileged one as he is employed in the private sector and receives a high salary of 1,450 euros a month, despite the fact that he was making 2,000 euros a few years ago.

Finally, grandfather Georgios Patatopoulos saw his 1,250-euro pension reduced to 980 euros. However, his son Alexis will not be getting a pension at his age because he has to wait until he turns 67 with the new pension laws.


  1. Hopefully no one from the Patatopoulos has to go to the hospital for therapy or treatment. The video should have included their unofficial adopted son Ahmed the family breadwinner who recently arrived and is fast learning Greek while helping tourists separate themselves from their money.


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