Greek Alternate Citizen Protection Minister: We have a Change of Government, not Regime

Yiannis PanousisThe destabilization of the currency disrupts the proper functioning of a country’s regime, Greek Alternate Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis said in an interview with Sunday’s Vima newspaper.

According to Panousis, “the destabilization of the currency, the currency-exchange security detachment and therefore the disturbance of social peace pose directly an issue of disruption of the smooth operation of the Regime, Article 134, paragraph 2, of the Penal Code.”

Asked on the possibility of drafting plans for a change of currency, the minister said: “I remind that the Constitution and laws support the civil parliamentary democracy, the popular sovereignty and not the popular democracy. We have a change of government, but not a change of regime.”

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Mr. Panoussis, how did your ‘logic’ apply in Jan 1, 2002 when Greece issued euros? Did Simitis’ unilateral decision to commit Greece to the euro count as a change of regime?

  2. Who do you plan to prosecute, Mr Panousis, for “the destabilization of the currency” ? ECB / Draghi? Scheuble and his sock puppets? When will you realise that having and controlling your own currency is the only way to prevent wilful external suffocation of the Greek economy?

  3. For the record markets control your currency. They can still suffocate you. In fact even more because you don’t have the protection of strong countries. The euro is stable compared to the currency of a disorganized corrupt government.

  4. I think Americans call this double talk Gobbledygook. Meaningless inconsequential blather often uttered by politicians when attempting to appear thoughtful.

  5. Incompetence in abundance, will he pit the Greek army against the will of the Greek people if overwhelmingly they want the Drachma , wake up ?
    It is becoming obvious that the Ohi vote by the Greek people was expected to be a yes vote but it backfired against Tsipras and that’s why he abandoned the Greek people and did not leave the Euro, he was trying to trick the Greek people into support for the Euro.