Citizen Protection Min: Only Elections Can Solve Greek Govt’s Internal Disputes

πανοθσισDeputy Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis said that only elections can solve the dividing disputes within the Greek government.

The deputy spoke to Parapoloitika radio and said that there is a paradox within the ruling SYRIZA party as about 40 of its lawmakers vote against laws the government tries to pass. At the same time, the same people claim they support the government.

“You can’t have another party within the party. The only way this problem can be solved is if we go to elections,” Panousis said.

However, Panousis said, the July referendum and possible elections in the fall are pointless. But, “…you reach a point where you have no other choice. Hopefully the Lafazanis team and the prime minister’s team will agree on a modus vivendi,” he said.

The deputy minister underlined that the elections will depend on the SYRIZA congress in September or October. “The question is whether the congress will determine the elections or whether it will react and force elections before the congress.”


  1. Elections won’t solve anything while the massive corruption in your government corridors still ongoing. Fix the corrupt judicial system in order to capture corrupt politicians together with their parasites…