Greece Suffered Million-Euro Losses from State TV and Radio Mismanagement

eu-courtThe Greek state has suffered losses in the millions of euros from mismanagement and fraud in public broadcaster ERT during the Christos Panagopoulos administration and the 9.84 radio station in the 2001-2010 period, according to auditors.

The Sunday edition of Greek newspaper “To Vima” reported that the former ERT chairman will be tried for felony, while a dozen of 9.84 radio’s executives will be tried for the embezzlement of 35 million euros.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Nothing will change unless we have less government. State owned industries are always going to be rife with corruption in Greece. Why do we need so many TV stations? Why should I pay for ERT stations on my utility/tax bills when the content of the channel is bias and boring.

  2. Exactly. Unfortunately about half the Greek population are far leftist extremists that keep trying to get the government to spend we can’t actually afford. (as witnessed by their election of a Marxists as well as the no vote winning the referendum). These far leftist morons fail to understand that without a vibrant private sector we cannot afford to fund a public one.


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