Greek Hotels in Thessaloniki Filled With Syrian Refugees

hotels-syrian-refugeesSyrian refugees have flooded numerous hotels in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, according to Greek newspaper “Ethnos.”

Refugees that can afford to stay at hotels, book one or two nights as a layover in their trip to central or northern Europe. The long-suffering Middle Eastern country quickly rose to 5th place in the ranking of customers arriving at Thessaloniki hotels in the first half of 2015, from the 30th place they occupied during the same period last year, noted the newspaper, based on data released by the city’s hoteliers association.

Between January and June 2015, Syrian refugees had 25,611 overnight stays in Thessaloniki, while during the first half of 2014, they only had 1,755 overnight stays, showing a growth rate of 1,359.32%. Meanwhile, 2.74% of the city hotels’ customers come from Syria, while last year the same percentage did not exceed 0.19%.

According to the newspaper, Greek customers cover more than half of the overnight stays, while Cypriots remain in first place, in regards to foreign customers, followed by Turkish and German customers.

The newspaper also noted that a remarkable drop in overnight stays was recorded in customers arriving from Libya. Customers arriving from Ukraine also decreased by 23-24%, while a similar decrease was also recorded in Russian visitors.


  1. maybe Tsipras can build a few mosques there for them and personally serve them some halal food

  2. So according to the media if you are Syrian and can afford a hotel you are declared a Refugee and if you live on the street you are a Migrant? Exactly WHO is paying their hotel and meal tab. More importantly to Herr Schauble and Frau Merkel are they paying VAT.

  3. Glad to see Greek hotels full, with no vacancies. The Ministry of Tourism must be elated over this. We should see a media article from the Ministry of Tourism proclaiming hotel occupancies are at record highs in Greece.

  4. How are these people refugees if they have funds for hotels??
    THese are not refugees….UNFORTUNATELY…

  5. The definition of refugee is not related to personal finances in any way. You appear not to know the law.

  6. Most of us would prefer to deal with Syrian refugees than unpleasant Yanks with big mouths and small brains.

  7. Why can’t refugees have money with them or gold, silver, jewellery?????They probably lead normal lives before the war and had savings like most people and then left not to be blown to bits or have there heads cut off.

  8. These Syrians wouldn’t even be in Greece if the Obama administration via the CIA, with massive support from the Turkish government, Britain’s M16, & Israel’s mossad, hadn’t flooded Syria with weapons arming Sunni rebels -(most of whom ended up joining ISIS or the al-qaeda affiliated al-nusra front)- in their effort to overthrow President Assad.

  9. These are no longer refugees. The moment they entered the territory of NATO member Turkey they were safe, the moment they decided to leave Turkey where there is no war, and enter EU member Greece they became illegal economic migrants as clearly their lives wheren’t under threat in Turkey.


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