Construction of First Mosque in Athens to Start Soon

τζαμιConstruction of the first mosque in Athens will start as soon as final details of the much-delayed project are ironed out and the building permit is about to be issued.

It has been seventy years since it was decided to build a mosque in Athens. The delays have been a constant source of tension with the Muslim world. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has been highly critical of the delays, with the Minister of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs Aristides Baltas stressing that these delays are used to defame Greece.

In recent years the tender for the construction had been repeated five times and a successful bidder was selected in November 2013. The project has a budget of 964,000 euros and it will be constructed on a plot of land owned by the Greek Navy. It is located in the area of Eleonas in Athens where a former Navy workshop building will be converted into a mosque.

The last detail remaining is the settlement of a stream that should not cause any more delays.

The building of the Athens mosque is one of the priorities of the SYRIZA government and Alexis Tsipras has promised that he will complete it. The project, however, is met with many reactions from the Greek Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim has appealed to stop the construction.



  1. Nothing to do with Turkey. Turkey is more or less on the side of the West, so your old-fashioned Greek rhetoric is not helpful.

  2. Since they are killing Muslims as readily as Christians, it is far from the truth to complain about Christians being killed and ignoring everyone else. It is called reporting bias.

  3. Since nothing justifies killing, the whole argument is specious and nothing other than propaganda.

  4. International law that Greece has ratified (basically everything) will always apply, as will customary international law. You must be thinking of the 1967 dictatorship period, when Greece thought it could do as it liked.

  5. Anything that were ratified by de-facto puppet governments can be repealed, and customary international law does not give illegal immigrants free reign.

  6. The figures illegal arrivals are astounding – 50,000 alone for the month of July and 110,000 for the year. If we extrapolate to the end of the year, we are looking at least 220,000 arrivals, by next year 440,000 or almost 5% of the population will be illegal muslim immigrants. We have Syriza encouraging them by providing housing, food, free medical care, a mosque, education – they don’t get half these services in Turkey. We are in a crisis and can hardly accommodate illegal muslim immigrants. I suspect the turkish border police/coast guard are involved if not the AKP party in an unofficial policy to shift some of their refugee burden onto greece and the EU – with these sorts of numbers arriving, it tends to imply government involvement. There are many homeless syrians in turkey, the turkish government might view syriza as a bunch of morons that will not deport nor ask turkey to better patrol their borders – and they are right!

    Leftists here retort that turkey is full – well there’s jordan, there’s the uae, there’s oman, there’s qatar, there’s saudi arabia… there’s plenty of other nations closer to them than greece with more resources than greece

  7. OMG!! the orthodox church WAS NEVER INVOLVED IN THE CRUSADES!!!! unbelievable – you truly are …….. Look it up on wikipedia, it was the catholic church – so why did we, as orthodox christians, deserve 400 years of rape, forced conversion, slavery, taxes just for being christian, our holiest church turned into a mosque???????? when are we getting our money for the millions of greeks muslim turks slaughtered – these are facts unlike your crusades comment. Why do you ignore the genocide of greeks by muslims?

  8. another leftist in denial…. from wikipedia… On Christmas Eve, 2000, a series of explosions took place in Indonesia, which were part of a high-scale terrorist attack by Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah.[1] The attack involved a series of coordinated bombings of churches in Jakarta and eight other cities which killed 18 people and injured many others.. And that was even before Sept 11, imagine that!!. Since then there have been 15 more… now for yogyakarta – just a few weeks ago… In the early morning of Monday, local residents in Bantul, Yogyakarta, and Purworejo, Central Java, managed to foil attempts by unidentified persons to burn down two churches in the two regencies.

    Then here more attacks in fact i read about them happening almost monthly – here’s another… A group of Islamic extremists in the
    area of Besi have brutally and violently attacked faithful of the parish of the Holy Family of Banteng , in the area north of Yogyakarta (island of Java). Church sources in Semarang confirm the attack took place at 9 last night when Catholics held their weekly meeting to pray the Rosary and practice theirSunday hymns. Local witnesses report that, suddenly, a group of Islamic fundamentalists raided the private house owned by a local Catholic leader, throwing stones and rocks. The assailants brutally beat him and then fled in haste.
    In the early morning of Monday, local residents in Bantul, Yogyakarta, and Purworejo, Central Java, managed to foil attempts by unidentified persons to burn down two churches in the two regencies

  9. If it was not for the Embargo, the damage caused by German saboteurs would have been alleviated. The Ottoman genocide of Pontian Greeks have dwarfed that of the Axis occupation of Greece, since the former killed up to 900,000 Pontian Greeks civilians compared to the latter’s approximately 21,000 Greek civilian deaths. Neither atrocities should be ignored, but it’s clear that the brutality of the Ottomans to the Greeks has far exceeded that of Nazi Germany.

  10. Are the only Christians in the world Orthodox? The word “Christian” was being used here not Orthodox. And you and your fellow nazis go on and on about WHITE CHRISTIANS . I don’t ignore anything. learn how to read

  11. If nothing. The Germans are 100% responsible for the death of the 750,000 or so Greeks during WW2.

    There were much more than 21,000 Greek civilian deaths in WW2. much much more. The 900,000 #, depending on the source, also includes famine and other causes so how is the famine during WW2 not the fault of the Germans but the famine for the Pontian is the fault of the Turks. The Germans and Turks, Greece’s greatest enemies ever, are responsible 100% for both famines and all of those deaths

    And since you brought it up, the genocide of the Pontic Greeks WAS ENGINEERED BY THE WHITE CHRISTIAN GERMANS. Google the july 21 article “Germany, Greece and the New World Order” German engineering of the genocidal policies against the Anatolian Greeks was widely recognized.

  12. How do you feel about a Hindu ,Bhudist or Shinto Temple or Pagoda and lets not forget a Jewish synagogue or is it just mosque’s you are against

  13. Any religions other than Orthodox Christians and Greek polytheism should not be allowed in Greece since they are foreign.

  14. It is obvious that radical Islam do not care about tolerance. As for countries are about people, illegal immigration are a threat to the native Greek demographics.

  15. That was the Middle age 1000 years later …….today the problem has nothing to do with Ottoman empire

  16. In 1071AD the invading Seljuk Turks defeated the Christian Byzantine Army at the Battle of Manzikert. In 1095AD Byzantine EmperorAlexios I, in Constantinople, sent an ambassador to Pope Urban II in Italy pleading for military help against the growing Turkish threat, and so began the Crusades, IN RESPONSE to the Islamic Seljuk Turks invading Christian Byzantine territories!


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