Greek PM Says Deal With International Creditors Is Close; Speaks on Farmers’ Future

The farming industry needs growth and fair conditions, according to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Tsipras expounded on future policies he wants to apply in the farming industry, after a meeting he had at the Greek Ministry of Rural Development on Wednesday.

He argued that Greece and its international creditors are very close to finalizing a bailout deal. The prime minister expressed his hope that such an agreement would cease uncertainty surrounding the country, despite the shortcomings that will plague it.

“If we do not work hard to create a framework of counterbalance to these policies, counterbalance for the social groups that will be hurt by these policies, then we will have negative results,” he said.

Greece must somehow find money to repay the European Central Bank 3.5 billion euros in debt by August 20.

In his speech, Tsipras emphasized the importance of the farming industry and its growth. In this context, he claimed that with the implementation of a correct farming policy, by 2020, the government will use 6 billion euros from the bailout deal and create 50,000 new job positions.

“Knowledge, training and innovation and connection are priorities for the plan to work. Our comparative advantage our political will to clash with established interests and ways of thinking,” he said.

The Greek prime minister also unveiled his intentions for what he called a fair taxation scheme for farmers. New farmers would get a 30% reduction in their income taxation for the first three to five years on the job.

During the imminent negotiations with creditors, the government will also try to ensure income taxation of 13% instead of 26% for people who gain more than 50% of their income through farming activities. These same people will hopefully pay half of the income emergency contribution they used to pay to the state, the Greek prime minister said.


  1. good start

    we need to work on the absurd EU import/export rules where we are FORCED to import a certain amount and because of this literally destroy our extra surplus food because we can’t sell it how we want

  2. Simple solution make all politicians yes all 300 of them take a 50% pay cut and give up some of their perks or entitlement..That may solve afew problems..We know that this is not going to happen.

  3. Why isn’t the media asking Tsipras the tough questions?
    Has his wife/partner left him yet for lying to the Greek people?

  4. How stupid these politicians are, lower taxation will be used in farming to start new business and create employment because it is understood that lower taxation does create expansion and jobs and yet other businesses will be strangled by increased taxes so that they employ less and leave the country.
    How stupid are these politicians ?


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