Large Wildfire Breaks Out on Greek Island of Corfu

    corfu-fireA large wildfire broke out on the Greek island of Corfu around noon, near Myrtiotissa beach and the operation to extinguish the fire is still underway.

    According to local media, the Corfu Fire Department chief stated that authorities have not yet identified what caused the fire to break out and spread so quickly around central Corfu. Furthermore, the chief added, the wildfire has already engulfed numerous acres of woodland.

    The fire extinguishing operation involves seven vehicles of Corfu’s fire department and two fire-fighting aircrafts, while authorities have also requested the assistance of a Canadair firefighting aircraft.

    At the moment the fire appears to stem from two main areas, where 24 firefighters are battling the flames, trying to get through the rough woodlands. There have been no reports of any endangered populated areas, but the wind that is blowing hard on the island is making the extinguishing operation even harder, transferring the fire to the surrounding areas.


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