Teacher Shortages in Greek Schools Due to Lack of Funding

schoolThe new academic semester is scheduled to begin in September, however, according to a publication in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, schools in the country will face shortages in teachers.

Over the last months, no teachers have been hired permanently in public schools around Greece. The public sector has only been able to hire a few substitute teachers who will not be able to fill the gap in staff requirements.

Kathimerini quotes officials within the Greek Education Ministry, who noted that there are around 25,000 vacant teaching positions at the moment. However, ESPA, the National Strategic Reference Framework can only provide enough funds for the hiring of 12,000 teachers.

The Education Ministry officials noted that no money has been allocated from the national budget so that teachers can be hired in public sector schools, however, they appear optimistic that at least part of the required money will be made available, so that primary schools will have sufficient staff. The ministry hopes that the situation will clear up by the beginning of September.