Greek Gov’t Builds €1 Mln Refugee Camp

gre1558780_23816082-thumb-largeIn an effort to tackle the huge influx of refugees and undocumented migrants, the Greek government is building a new camp for migrants in Elaionas area in Athens.

A large vacant lot in Elaionas will serve as an open camp for the refugees who now camp out at the Pedion tou Areos park, near the Athens Archaeological Museum.

The land has been provided by the City of Athens and the prefabricated homes by the Attica Regional Authority and Labor Ministry, while the Public Power Corporation (DEI) is covering the cost of connecting the camp to the national grid and the Athens Water and Sewage Company (EYDAP) will provide the piping and water for free.

It is estimated that the camp will be ready by Sunday and it can house 600 people. The refugees currently camping out at Pedion tou Areos are approximately 400. Volunteers and non-government organizations provide meals and clothing to them.

The tremendous influx of refugees from war-torn Syria and surrounding regions suffering from the Islamic State violence is impossible to be dealt with by the Greek government. According to Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou, Greece can accommodate 4,500 migrants and refugees and it is estimated that about 1,000 arrive to Greece each day since the beginning of the year.


  1. At the pace of 1,000 refugees/undocumented/regular and irregular migrants per day it won’t be long if not already now before Tasia’s “open camp for refugees” is filled to capacity. Then what? Is Tasia planning something more or is this just another show for the UNHCR clowns.

  2. Search You Tube for:
    “Hellenic Dawn For The City Of Athens ‘Raids’ the Kaminis-SYRIZA Camp in Votanikos”

    The Athens Municipal Councilors Golden Dawn’s Ilias Kasidiaris and Dimitra Velentza this morning were in Votanikos to observe the site where the SYRIZA government in cooperation with Mayor Kaminis are setting up an unlawful camp for illegal immigrants. The security measures at the site are draconian and there is 24 hour police protection to prevent the residents from reacting to the transformation of the area into a ghetto. The construction is feverish and vehicles belonging to the municipality arrive in mass, carrying tons of materials and supplies.

    Golden Dawn representatives entered the construction site and with… awe saw a state of the art facility with hundreds of containers, electricity, water and even heat and air-conditioning! Radical Leftists Tasia Christodoulopoulou and Alexis Tsipras manage to find funding to serve the illegal immigrants who invade Greece at a rate approaching 2,000 per day.

    GD’s arrival was observed by news teams from multiple TV channels, however, they were all barred from recording footage of the camp, including state television. The Marxist system doesn’t want the impoverished Greek people under any circumstances to see the money being spent on the illegal immigrants, whilst Greek citizens are suffering.

    Once the residents of the area realized GD’s representatives were present, they approached them and asked for Golden Dawn’s support in their just struggle against the government’s illegal plans. On GD’s part, Golden Dawn vowed to confront the plan to colonize Greece with primarily Muslim 3rd world foreigners, with every legal means.
    Already, the first appeals against the illegal camps, and also against the illegal bill which grants Greek citizenship to the children of foreign nationals have been prepared by GD, & soon the residential committees will organize open protest demonstrations against illegal immigration and crime.

  3. No free power or water, or electricity for Greeks in Greece, only the freeloaders that would not defend their own countries are more special than Greek people who will pay all the bills.

  4. It is almost time for a Junta of the armed forces to take over in Greece to protect the sovereignty of the nation and the interests and safety of the Greek people against the unlimited treason being commited by the Greek Prime Minister who openly admits to accepting a bad deal for Greece and allowing an unlimited invasion of Greece by illegal immigrants.

  5. It is actually far worse that 1,000 per day. Around 55,000 illegal immigrants entered Greece just in the month of July, that is an average of OVER 1,800 Third World foreigners pouring illegally into Greece EACH DAY, nearly all of them muslims, & God only knowd how many of them are Jihadists affiliated with ISIS or the Al-qaeda’s Syrian branch, the al-nusra front. That’s not mention all the murderers, rapists, thieves etc hiding amongst them.

  6. Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris gives a brief interview to ΣΤΑΡ news channel at the mosque construction site, speaking out against the mosque’s construction. For our Greek speakers (No Eng subtitles) Search You tube for, “Χρυσή Αυγή και κάτοικοι Βοτανικού ενάντια στον καταυλισμό λαθρομεταναστών”

  7. One report has over 17,715 new arrivals every month and another a 1,000 per day or 30,000 per month. Who is telling the truth no one really knows not even the government. With estimates so wide we have to believe as you commented it is far worse than we are lead to believe. Athens will become a ghetto and Greeks will soon find themselves strangers in their own country. How’s your Arabic?

  8. The question is who is funding these camps. Is the source from outside the country and earmarked for such purposes. If Tsipras is using OUR borrowed funds, then crimes against the Greek people must be leveled at this government. With suicides and foreclosures on the upswing how much longer before winter sets in and cases of starvation, freezing and epidemics also rise. Leftists only feel and react to criticism but they never think.

  9. Tsipras has stated before that he would like the church to look after the illegal muslim immigrants… i’m expecting him to make the formal request to the arch bishop soon

  10. i’m noticing controls on media reporting by Syriza on lesbos where there are areas journalists are not allowed to film… journalists on state television are censured for reporting on sensitive issues such as the mosque or illegal muslim immigrants. My parents tell me it reminds of the days of the junta – Syriza are behaving in exactly the same fashion

  11. Where is the Social Justice worrying Pope been lately. Francis or Saliah in Arabic, quieted down his rhetoric once people asked him to put his vast Papal financial resources where his mouth is, and suddenly he is struck with atrophy of the lips. The excuse is Allah wills it.

  12. why is it illegal?

    what’s the difference between spending money on this and spending money on border defense, which is probably more expensive and given that our defense budget has been cut by 50% in 5 years, not too effective now? i don’t see much

    this is why the ONLY solution to the illegal problem is economic as it requires border patrol via an expensive navy/coast guard, an efficient judiciary, and detention centers among other matters. This is why the economy and the 30% of the Greek population without a job is more important than this. This is why Golden Dawn will NEVER be able to solve this problem despite all their rhetoric because socialism and fascism is not the way to improve and economy.

    again our location is our greatest assets and curse. either way money will be spent on this problem.


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