Greek Main Opposition Leader Says Party Is Ready in Case of Elections

MeimarakisGreek main opposition New Democracy leader Evangelos Meimarakis said his party is ready if there are national elections, adding however that they would be a disaster for Greece, according to an interview published on Sunday.

“If the issue of a resignation [of the Prime Minister] and an election comes up, we are ready. But we believe that, firstly, it would be a disaster and not a solution. And secondly, Mr. Tsipras will not convince Greek citizens why he is holding elections. He just received a mandate six months ago. And nobody is disputing it. Therefore, why have elections?” Meimarakis told Greek newspaper Kathimerini. “But if he wants to escape and hold elections, people will give him the opportunity to escape.”

Meimarakis also attempted to approach those who voted “Yes” in last month’s referendum, saying they are the ones his party should primarily focus on. He noted New Democracy represents the reformist center, not in the narrow political sense, but the political area where “reforms can be implemented more effectively and justly.”

(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Are you for real??? This guy needs to get a reality check…
    The country is crumpling and this guy talks of elections…
    What is this lets take turns at being the leader like school children..Grow up and think of some solutions for the country you represent…Reform something…Create jobs…
    Give our youth something to aspire to…

  2. ND leader Evangelos Meimarakis doesn’t want elections BECAUSE HE KNOWS that New Democracy will get thrashed, if he thought ND would do well he would be screaming for elections to be held. Whether Evangelos Meimarakis likes it or not elections are coming by November at the latest, and New Democracy will be decimated.

  3. You are correct ND will be punished again and risks being driven to single digits or extinction. Meimarakis has yet to hold party elections to determine ND’s new leader. The family dynasty members are sitting back watching and waiting. The same is true for the former Samaras cabinet members. No one in this caustic economic environment wants to risk their political necks because ND reminds the electorate of why we are so deeply imbedded in austerity at the mercy of creditors.

  4. Always a worry when main opposition doesn’t want top job I think its time for ND to disappear the trough is empty

  5. What austerity? (if the state doesn’t have a primary surplus then there is no austerity by standard definitions. Plus some actual headcount reductions in the state would do Greece good! Those people would no longer require a salary (that is usually too high, even if they actually do what their job description says, and even if that is a useful task to perform) and they are free to do something more productive. Almost everybody wins!)

  6. Have you read the news lately of at least 38 “reform” measures otherwise described in general terms as austerity? The Finns want more conditions and no doubt others will follow with their wish lists. Austerity is the effect upon the populace at large of the Memorandum and subsequent revisions that have all but destroyed industry and commerce in Greece….and will be getting much worse since Tsipras’ capitulation. While you see the cuts in the size of government (unlikely), it is only a very small contributing part. The scope, magnitude and duration of austerity is far greater than you contemplate unless you lived with it for six years.

  7. That’s not austerity… and certainly not austerity imposed from the outsdie. It is bubbles of poverty (amongst bubbles of affluence), mostly self-inflicted. You would have had more of it without EU/IMF bailouts and ELA. You *will* have more of it in the future unless you implement thorough structural reforms. Almost everything the rest of the EZ and EU wants you to implement are precisely those structural reforms. You should thank them instead of ranting at them.

  8. Following your train of thought, how did Greece ever survive and prosper before joining the EU and EZ? Once upon a time before the EZ in Greece there was industry, exports, manufacturing, capitalized banks, busy shops, employment was non-existent, real estate was robust as buildings rose heralding economic success and universities were filled with our brightest hoping to live and work in Greece. People prospered in this environment with the Drachma. Honestly do any of these circumstances exist today? Clearly no and much of the blame for continuing this Greek tragedy rests with Brussels and Germany.So please drop the Statist frame of thinking it has failed all over the world and makes one look foolish. Greece can only survive if it is left on it’s own to succeed or fail and have nobody else to blame but Greeks.


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