Chalkidiki Tops Most Searched August 15 Destinations for Greeks

chalkidikiAugust 15 in Greece celebrates the Virgin Mary and is accompanied by festivities and traditional rituals across the country. This, along with the fact that the day has been declared a holiday, have made it one of the most popular travel dates of the summer for Greeks., a search engine that compares hotel prices in a specific destination, revealed the site’s most searched destinations for the August 15 weekend.

  1. Chalkidiki (Northern Greece, close to Thessaloniki)
  2. Thasos (Northern Aegean island, close to Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki)
  3. Lefkada (Ionian Sea island)
  4. Aegina (Saronic Gulf island, close to Athens)
  5. Santorini (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  6. Zakynthos (Ionian Sea island)
  7. Andros (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  8. Pelion (Mountain located in Central Greece)
  9. Milos (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  10. Parga (Town by the Ionian coast, located in Epirus)
  11. Tinos (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  12. Corfu (Ionian Sea island)
  13. Skopelos (Western Aegean island)
  14. Agistri (Saronic Gulf island, close to Athens)
  15. Naxos (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  16. Skiathos (Western Aegean island)
  17. Mykonos (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  18. Chania (City on the island of Crete)
  19. Syros (Cyclades island in the Aegean)
  20. Kefalonia (Ionian Sea island)