European Commission Approves 473 Million Euros to Greece for Migration Crisis

immigrationThe European Commission approved on Monday a 2.4-billion-euro program for 19 European Union countries that aims to provide solutions to the migration crisis.

Greece will receive a total of 473 million euros from two distinct funds.

259,348,877 euros of Greece’s funds will come from the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) that deals with migrant and refugee reception conditions.

“The AMIF funding supports national efforts to improve reception capacity, ensure that asylum procedures are in line with EU standards, integrate migrants at local and regional levels and increase the effectiveness of return programs,” the European Commission announcement read.

The remaining 214,844,038 euros will come from the Internal Security Fund (ISF) and will go toward various security fronts.

“Funding from ISF complements national efforts to improve member-states’ border management and surveillance (in particular through the use of modern technologies). ISF funding is also used for cross-border law enforcement cooperation and strengthens member-states’ capacity to effectively manage security-related risks such as terrorism and violent radicalization, drug trafficking, cybercrime, human trafficking and other forms of organized crime,” the announcement stated.

These funds will be allocated over time until 2020. 85% of funds will be handled directly by the member-states that receive them. The other 15% will managed by the European Commission “based on individual programs.”

With the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) claiming that 224,000 refugees and migrants have entered Europe through the Mediterranean Sea in 2015, the number of arrivals in Greece has increased at an alarming rate and has reached unprecedented levels. While around 43,500 migrants entered Greece in 2014, the Greek Coast Guard announced that more than 54,000 immigrants and refugees had entered Greece just in July 2015. The UNHCR further said a few days ago that some 124,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Greece in 2015.

The primary entry points are Greek islands located close to Turkey. UNHCR director for Europe Vincent Cochetel said on Friday that the conditions he witnessed on the Greek islands of Kos, Lesvos and Chios were the worst he encountered in his 30-year career.

Italy was the highest recipient of the European Commission funds, securing a total of 560 million euros, while Spain got almost 522 million euros from the two funds combined.


  1. Why don’t these migrants fight for their own countries, if they do not believe that sacrifice is worth it or fighting for what is right then they are useless to Greece.

  2. I’m noticing Spain gets the money yet with Rajoy and his centre right government, they deport most illegals – I’m wondering why Greece does not follow Spain’s example?

  3. Use that money for other means like a blockade
    of the Syrian ports, destroy the vessels there and reinforce the Greek/Italian coastgard.

    At the same pay Turkey an amount of money to prevent asylumseekers departing from Turkish ports.
    On places like Calais and Turkish ports, in Serbia and Macedonia near railroadstations frequently used as a “trail” trying to get to Europe more checkpoints and information it has no use making this journey by feet or boat because you will be send back.
    Give the ppl. the opportunity to ask for a visa on the embassy of the country they want to go to, and on what grounds.
    Finaly hunt the smugglers and punish them severly, as for my by death.
    This action of the EU now is cowardly, as it always is.
    Spending taxpayers money with no results at the end, not making any main decisions at all.

  4. flow of money for greece to manage on its own… just get rid of the problem with not even a slice of solution all together… greece has no way of keeping them …

  5. Australia returns the boats and reduces the flow of migrants drastically Greece needs to do the same. The Greek crisis is good for one thing at least many migrants will get out of Greece asap as most do not want to stay but go north where there are good pensions and unemployment benefits for them.

  6. Sounds more like common sense to me, jews dont come illegal in Greece or Italy by the way.
    Never mentioned them anyway, but no problem open your house and go and feed half Africa.