Greek Coast Guard Rescues 1,417 Migrants in 3 Days

1293D61225B1275755E9212E0F65C4CEGreek Coast Guard has rescued 1,417 migrants in 59 search and rescue operations near several Greek islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, authorities said on Monday.

Tens of thousands of refugees and illegal migrants have arrived on Greek islands from Turkey in the past few months, after crossing the Aegean in rickety boats or inflatable dinghies. Most of them arrive from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan. Their purpose is to reach mainland Greece and, for most of them, to move on to more prosperous European countries.

The 1,417 migrants rescued between Friday and Monday were picked up at sea in 59 separate incidents off the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Agathonisi and Kos.

Local authorities have a hard time accommodating the vast numbers arriving each day. State funds for receiving refugees have been depleted and, in most cases, migrants survive on charity.

It is estimated that about 124,000 migrants have arrived in Greek shores in the first seven months of 2015 alone, creating a huge problem to the crisis-stricken country. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there is a 750% increase, compared to the same period last year. 50,000 migrants arrived in July alone, about 70% of them from Syria.


  1. Keep in mind the numbers quoted are grossly conservative as government does not want you to know the actual scale of the invasion. By just using the projected arrival rate of 17,715 migrants arriving per month by the end of this year nearly 2% of our population 212,580 will be newly arrived Refugee-Migrant-Illegal both regulars and irregulars. When added to the current Middle-Eastern “guest” population and their high birth/crime rates it won’t be long before we Greeks must assimilate into their culture and religion. Allah help us!

  2. Greeks living on besieged Aegean islands like Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Agathonisi and Kos, can continue voting for Radical Leftist SYRIZA, Stalinist KKE, or phony right wing pseudo conservative ND, and predictably see the current situation worsen, or they can get rid of these 3rd world illegals by throwing their support behind the social-nationalist Golden Dawn party….and before some nutcase Leftist picks on the words “get rid” and pretends I’m referring to violent means, no, I’m not. By “get rid” I’m referring to, “block from entering”, & “arrest and deport.”

  3. The Greek Coast Guard has rescued 1,417 migrants in 59 search and rescue operations near several Greek islands in the eastern Aegean Sea in the space of 3 days! 59 SEARCH & RESCUE OPERATIONS IN 3 DAYS, just imagine how much this is costing the already virtually bankrupt Greek state, at this rate Greek taxpayer’s are footing the bill for around 20 search and rescue operations per day!

  4. The law of the sea mandates we search for people in distress that includes “migrants”. The problem is after they are rescued how to deal with migrating back to their homelands. Once word gets back that Greece IS NOT welcoming illegals and severe international punishment is applied to the human traffickers including their host countries Turkey and Libya the flow will abate. Both countries hold the laws of the EU in contempt and the UNHCR does nothing about it..

  5. 55,000 illegal 3rd world immigrants entered Greece in the month of July alone, at these rates, going forward we are talking about 660,000 foreigners entering Greece illegally over the next 12 months, and nearly all of these illegal 3rd world immigrants are muslims, many of whom are Islamist Jihadist fanatics affiliated with ISIS or Al-qaeda’s Syrian branch, the al-nusra front.

  6. The Turkish government facilitates the arrival of illegal 3rd world immigrants to Greece, in line with the “Ozal doctrine”, initiated by former Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Özal who stated that:

    “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few millions illegal immigrants from Turkey and finish with them.”