Greek Police Arrest Child Pornography Video Owner

child_pornographyOn Friday, the Greek Police Cyber Crime Unit arrested a 31-year-old Greek male in the Attica region, Greece, on child pornography charges.

The Greek Public Order and Citizen Protection Ministry revealed that a review of the 31-year-old’s data found that he owned around 38,000 child pornography videos.

The Ministry said that the Cyber Crime Unit initially launched an investigation after child pornography content was found circulating on a Peer to Peer (P2P) online file sharing service. Subsequently, the 31-year-old’s communication confidentiality was lifted with the permission of a prosecutor.

“During the methodical digital investigation, specialized Cyber Crime Unit officers identified cyber traces of the 31-year-old, who, for months, had been using other people’s IP addresses, to which he had illegal access, to avoid being detected,” said a Ministry announcement.


  1. These disgusting paedophile freaks deserve severe punishment. Golden Dawn has stated that if elected to govern, they would table legislation to introduce mandatory death penalty sentences for anyone convicted of paedophilia. Ofcourse Radical Leftist SYRIZA would fight tooth and nail to prevent this legislation from passing, in order to protect paedophiles from this type of punishment.