EU: Migrant Crisis in Greece ‘Beyond Urgent’

kos MigrantThe influx of migrants from the Middle East to Greece continues, with about 100 to 500 landing on the Greek island of Kos every day – joining thousands already camped there.

Greece has been overwhelmed by the wave of refugees and economic migrants, mostly from Syria – with more than 125,000 of them reaching the eastern Aegean islands this year, a 750 percent increase compared to 2014.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, European Commission spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said that the situation in Greece, particularly in Kos is very serious and the EU is working with several refugee agencies, primarily with its border management agency, to assist:

“With record numbers of migrants arriving at the Greek borders at the moment the situation is beyond urgent and requires a collective European response,” she said. “We have also tripled the resources we devote to our maritime operations to help Greece patrol its borders and also to save lives.”
(source: VOA)


  1. EU’s criticism is meaningless until they condemn Turkey’s government and prosecute human traffickers. How many more need to enter Europe before these Euro-clowns understand it’s an invasion?

  2. They were entering well before this government. They have been enticed by Tsipras’ weak enforcement of illegal immigration and assisted by Turkey once they saw money could be made.

  3. Amazing what being killed and tortured in a civil war does to people, like making them flee…

  4. I hereby declare the EU null and void. Those unelected commissars in Brussels have no right to tell any European what to do. Greece got sucker punched by Syriza. Still, Greeks should have gone on holidays to North Korea to see what commies are all about. They seem to have forgotten.

  5. There’s a civil war in Turkey, is there? That will come as news to a lot of people.
    These people were refugees until they entered the first safe country – Turkey. When they left Turkey they became illegal immigrants or economic migrants. Take your pick.

  6. You don’t see them fleeing to Russia Or other countries. See polycrates comment. Politics is not simple every action has its own problems.

  7. It’s not politics: it’s the lives of ordinary people fleeing war and catrastrophe. They go wherever they think is safest. Russia is neither safe nor convenient to reach.

  8. You are naive if you believe politics has nothing to go with it. In Australia people were entering through Indonesia by the boat load and reduced when the government changed and tighened border protection. People flee yes but the massive influx of recent times is due to soft policies. It seems only you reading this blog doesn’t understand that.

  9. If it could only be that easy. Our MPs are dependent on the flow of money to ensure their position. Bankers and their minions are rumoured to have contacted many to influence their votes. It is now to the point where we will have to financially crash and burn before the inevitable is realized. Not to worry though because it won’t be long before we run out again.

  10. You are repeating right wing dogma. Australia has turned its back on international law and the protection of human rights: yes, when a country does that, becomes isolated from the world, refugees do not go there as their rights are zero.

    Soft policies means respecting international law and human rights? OK, that’s a far right political position. Just be clear about it: you are an extremist.

  11. What are you talking about?
    This has nothing to do with government change. 99,999% of the immigrants/refugees coming have zero klowledge about greek politics.

  12. You Win – open up the borders let them in 50,000 or 100000 the people in kos are having a great time clearly. No humanitarians crisis there at all. There is always a level that a country has to say enough is enough!

  13. There is a global refugee crisis that has reached the shores of Europe — Greece and Italy. The refugees cannot stay in Greece and Italy and are being allowed to move to northern Europe — albeit illegally — because the EU is full of right wing nationalist countries that refuse to make a proper humanitarian policy for Europe.

    All that Greece can do is try to manage the situation as best it can (with European Commission money) and send the refugees elsewhere. That is what is happening, more or less.

    If the Greek residents of Kos, Lesvos etc want to say something about this, they are entitled to do so. Are you a Greek living on one of those islands? if not, then don’t pretend to be speaking for them.

  14. That’s laughable – it’s the people selling them a life in Europe that know the politics. They enter and leave turkey without papers. There are corrupt human traffickers profiting from these peoples misfortune. As soon as a hostile government comes in the boats stop. This is happening all over the world not just Greece. Nothing new has happened in the world since January.