SYRIZA Hard Leftists to Start New Party in Greece

lafazanis_parliament_web-thumb-largeSYRIZA Left Platform leader Panagiotis Lafazanis has indirectly announced the creation of a new political party by calling Greek people to join a new anti-bailout movement.

Lafazanis has issued a written statement just when parliamentary committees began to debate the bailout agreement and will later go to vote. The statement is signed by another 13 SYRIZA dissenters, in which they call for people across Greece to mobilize and form a “united movement” for democracy and social justice.

“The fight against the new Memorandum starts now, by mobilizing people in every corner of the country,” the statement said.

“The signing of a new Memorandum… equals destruction of the Greek people and democracy… it reverses the Greek people’s mandate that went against neoliberal policies on the July 5 referendum…” the statement read.

“…we need to continue on the path of July 5 until the end, until we overthrow the bailout policies, with an alternative plan for the next day, for a democratic Greece, reconstructed and socially just,” it continued.

“We call for the creation of a nationwide movement, by establishing committees against the new Memorandum, austerity and the country’s new guardianship. A unitary movement that will fulfill the aspirations of people for democracy and social justice,” the statement continued.

Economist and renowned business journalist Hugo Dixon, who closely follows political and economic developments in Greece, tweeted that Lafazanis’ split from SYRIZA will benefit Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his government:



  1. What will their platform be? “we will reject the conditions Tsipras agreed to???”” who would trust them after Tsipras lied to everyone…. i suspect this will split support for the hard left – YAY!

  2. Tsipras governs from Right/Right. “Center/Left” label (idiotic tweetie above) demonstrates EU goal post moved almost 180 degrees since end of WWII. Europe elites would just rather have Nazis united with them on one side again.

  3. At present, 60% of Greeks will support leaving the EURO and perhaps a percent close to that will support leaving the EU as well, if it means Liberty. Liberty, you remember that word?

  4. LOL. They should name their party the Radical radical left to show they are even more extreme left then Syriza.

  5. Waste of time..Greece needs solutions and reforms..Get your butts in your chairs and think of something or at least pretend to do something rather than bicker with each other like school children..For gods sake there is 300 of you…
    Its quite sad actually…The country is in trouble around..
    Hospitals needs supplies and staff..Illegals are taking over the islands in the middle of tourist season…And you guys just argue…and want another party…Are you serious????

  6. so anyone who disagrees with you is a nazi? how has Tsipras moved to the right? who would believe any of the leftists now? just cause he agreed to the bailout it doesn’t mean people will forget the rubbish coming out of his mouth for the last few years – in peoples minds he s a leftist…. i suspect the new party will take 10-15% support from Syriza putting them at 20-25% – ND will be the winner out of all of this unless syriza forms a coalition.

  7. There must be an alternative for the Greek people, Policies must be announced clearly up front with some sort of guarantee to the people.
    The economy must be based on allowing those people that are industry, farm and business leaders of all kinds to expand and grow the economy at a rate with minimal tax obstructions so that the jobs market will give everybody an opportunity to work and prosper, no longer can the government be relied on to provide jobs.
    The debts to the Europeans must be put aside for years as the public Greek population did not go and borrow the money, the corrupt politicians that borrowed the money without a referendum giving authority from the people must be given to the Europeans to send them to jail.

  8. Hahahaha you made me laugh with that one! LOL! Yes, it is all a tiresome continuation of the insane Leftist circus. You can be sure of one thing though, putting the economy aside, Tsipras’s Radical Leftist party, and Lafazanis’ Radical Radical Leftist party (if it ever takes off) will both be 100% in support of granting Greek citizenship to illegal immigrants, and the further loosening of border controls, not that there are any controls given the fact that 55,000 illegal immigrants entered Greece just in the month of July!

  9. These are the hard core of SYRIZA that believed in their 40 point socialist program. This is just another sign of the disintegration of Tsipras’ coalition. Some are against the breakup or ridicule them as Erratic and Radicals. BUT if they peaceably mean to end austerity, softly ease us out of the EZ and return Greece to sovereign rule we should welcome their participation. ND was once a stalwart supporter of a free Greece capitulated their ideals well before Tsipras.

  10. I don’t see ND gaining a great deal from the thrashing SYRIZA will receive in the upcoming election. Why would anti-Troika, anti-memorandum SYRIZA voters leave SYRIZA in disgust at SYRIZA having transformed into a pro-memorandum party, only to support another pro-memorandum party, ND? It wouldn’t make sense. ND, PASOK, ANEL & To Potami all voted together with SYRIZA in support of the memorandum!

    ONLY Golden Dawn, KKE and some dissenting SYRIZA MPs led by Lafazanis voted against the memorandum.

  11. Since they are splitting from Tsipras, and always opposed his line in the negotiations, it is hard to tell how they are responsible for him.

  12. There is a little problem for you and your position, however …

    Michaloliakos has said that the drachma is an “eventual goal” and, just like the KKE, opposes the “drachma lobby”.

    The SYRIZA splitters are pro-drachma. They understand the near-term risks and problems but see no alternative.

    It is hard to see how it is not Lafazanis and co. who are living in the real world, while XA is blowing steam.

  13. The Germans are acting like the Nazis. And, to make it better, the EU supports real Nazis in the Ukraine and Islamists in Libya and Syria (causing the immigration crisis).

    Then they say Nazism is being nationalistic or anti-immigration or just economically protectionist – not invading countries, advocating eugenics, or allying with real, Hitler-supporting Nazis.

    ND is nothing unless they get a charismatic leader. But really, what are they going to say – “We were at least going to be honest about selling out the country!”? They set up an early election because they knew the negotiations were a dead end and wanted to let SYRIZA take the blame for the Third Memorandum. This was well remarked at the time – it is not surprising news to the electorate!

    Also, your arithmetic is problematic. If SYRIZA Right + Left = 35%, the same vote total as last time, even if ND came a couple per cent in front of Tsipras, they would have a hard time forming a government. Or do you think PASOK, another treasonous party, is going to take off? KKE will add a point or two, XA has the potential to double. Leventis looks set to get in.

  14. On June 27, 2015, XA leader Nicholaos Michaloliakos stated the following from peristyle of the Parliament building:

    “Golden Dawn, faithful to her approach against the Memorandum, which she consistently has followed for five years now, is in favor to voting down of the usurious lenders’ proposal, whom after five years of destructive policy which they imposed on Greece, now seek to pull the rug out from beneath her feet. The Greek People must decide: No to the loan sharks – Yes to national sovereignty!”

    Search You Tube for: “Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos: No to the Loan Sharks – Yes to National Sovereignty (State TV)”

  15. XA blowing steam? XA first entered parliament in May 2012, and since October 2013, XA has been, and remains the ONLY political party in the Greek parliament that doesn’t receive state funding, it is the ONLY political party whose party finances, as well as the personal finances of some 200 XA members, including ALL XA MPs have been thoroughly investigated by the Greek police financial crimes unit, SDOE, and found to be completely clean. Why doesn’t SYRIZA invite SDOE to investigate SYRIZA party finances, MPs and senior members? Michaloliakos has been reviewed by SDOE and found to be clean, has Lafazanis?

    XA is the ONLY political party that demands that state financing be completely and permanently scrapped for all political parties and points to its own ability to survive and compete as a political party without state financing as proof that SYRIZA, ND, PASOK, ANEL, To Potami and KKE don’t need the scores of millions of €uros of state financing that they are granted each year to operate, money with no accounting for how that money is spent.

  16. XA & KKE, SYRIZA, & ANEL supported the NO camp at the July 5 referendum, whilst ND, PASOK, To Potami supported the YES camp.

    After July 5, SYRIZA & ANEL betrayed the overwhelming 62% NO vote, & signed Greece up to a 3rd “bailout” memorandum with the Troika loansharks.
    Lafazanis and the supposedly dissenting SYRIZA MPs had the power to scuttle Tsipras’ memorandum deal on July 8 when Tsipras first requested a 3rd bailout memorandum, by resigning enmasse and forcing elections, but Lafaznis and these supposed dissidents kept their positions in SYRIZA (& still do) and by their woefull inaction allowed Tsipras to sign Greece up to another memorandum, & continued debt slavery to the Troika usurers.

  17. No, that is not true. Lafazanis et co. were asked to resign by pro-bailout portions of SYRIZA which, according to Greek law, would then have been able to replace them with Tsipras puppets. The SYRIZA Right considered expelling them but the National Committee blocked it. They could have forced a vote of no confidence, that’s true, but ND-PASOK would have backed the government temporarily or forced a grand coalition.

    In no sense could they have forced elections by themselves. Either Tsipras or New Democracy would have had to agree.

    I didn’t bring this up because I thought the SYRIZA Left has all the answers. But what they are saying about economics and the national currency is more sensible than XA at the moment. Michaloliakos suggested it was treasonous to introduce the drachma immediately!

    XA needs a better and bolder programme.

  18. I imagine Lafazanis is fairly clean. I know they tried to suppress XA, I know the unfair challenges they face.

    But this does not excuse the strategy of screaming populist slogans while supporting the euro for now. XA needs better policy and better strategy.

  19. Yes, we all know they are anti-Memorandum. But Michaloliakos has come out in opposition to adopting the drachma in the near-term and claimed any such plans were treasonous. He is attacking the more patriotic portions of SYRIZA more than the globalists. It’s poor strategy and inexcusable.

  20. Then this party will split, and then the split parties will split. Eventually there will be 300 parties in parliament.

  21. Is it? All its rhetoric makes you think it is anti-German, anti-euro, anti-EU, but then it lashes out at anyone who is actually anti-euro.

    It makes me think that their game is to back the drachma openly only once 51% of Greeks come around to the idea. But when polls claimed 90% support for the euro after the referendum, it was more expedient to take the old SYRIZA line “euro, but no memorandum”. So much, then, for consistency.

  22. What? The Germans are “acting like Nazis” because a sizable segment of them do NOT want to give another handout to the parasitic nation Greece has become?

    In terms of what “they say”, what do “they” say about a people that welches on its debts, or lives on the wealth that OTHER societies have earned, or who make their living by holding their hands out and making “gimme, gimme” demands?

  23. The risk-free BANKS are the parasites! The Greeks are in no sense parasites. They are paying interest on loans for money they do not receive.