Kos Refugees and Migrants to Board Greek Ship by Midnight

kos MigrantGreek passenger ship “Eleftherios Venizelos,” which is scheduled to host 2,000 to 2,500 Syrian migrants and refugees for 15 days, is docked at the port of Kos and is set to open its doors today.

Concerns had arisen over which authority will be responsible for maintaining order aboard the ship. It was agreed on Saturday that both the Greek Coast Guard and police will be in charge of this process. The vessel also includes 110 staff members.

The migrants and refugees will board the vessel by midnight.

Kos is among the Aegean islands that have seen more than 120,000 migrant and refugee arrivals in 2015. The island recently had up to 7,000 migrants and refugees. 1,300 left for Athens on Friday while 1,300 are scheduled to leave today. 3,000 are expected to leave the island by Sunday.

Riot police units were sent to Kos following clashes between migrants and police on Tuesday. The units are set to return to Athens on Monday.


  1. Plot a course of Hamburg with only enough fuel to arrive there and lets see how our EU-EZ “allies” react.

  2. Had Samaras done this the incompetent leftist fanatics that have been supporting mass illegal immigration into Greece would ranted “fascism” and called them “concentration camps”. Unless the treasonous left is stopped, Greece is destined for failed state.


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