Prison Break…in Corfu

    Prison-Break-in-Corfu1Prisoners in Corfu, Greece, attempted to spectacularly escape through a tunnel dug for years but failed because of a dog.

    The escape was discovered at around 10:00 am by a citizen walking his dog in the woods next to the prison. According to Greek media, the dog went to a specific point and would not leave. The dog’s owner went to see what it was that had caught his dog’s attention and then heard noises below the ground. Puzzled, he alerted the guard outside the prison.

    Police found a 30-meter-long tunnel, starting from the prison’s B Wing, where 21 convicts serving long or life terms are being held. Inside the tunnel, investigators found battery-powered fans and plastic food containers, according to local reports.

    In 1996 ,more than 120 inmates at the same prison managed to break out after digging a tunnel during a two-week takeover of the facility.


    1. Prisoners break out, Migrants break in, Radicals break free, Populists break apart…’s madness.


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