67-Year-Old Male Dies During Burglary on Hydra Island

hydra2An appalling crime took place on the Greek island of Hydra as a 67-year-old male lost his life during a burglary.

During the early hours of Sunday, burglars broke into the house of a Greek couple and tied the wife and the husband to a chair after drugging and gagging them. They then proceeded to rob the house before taking off. The robbers stole a bag that contained 40,000 euros.

While the 56-year-old woman regained her consciousness, her husband was dead. Paramedics arrived after the wife was able to contact the police. The man’s cause of death is yet to be determined.

Police have apprehended six to seven suspects while the investigation continues.


  1. The 7 apprehended suspects are ILLEGAL GEORGIAN IMMIGRANTS, as reported by media in Greece, Search on Google: “Ανακρίνονται 7 Γεωργιανοί για τη ληστεία με βασανιστήρια στην Ύδρα” Once again Greek citizens are being murdered by foreigners.

  2. Certainly not the first time illegal Georgian immigrants have murdered Greek citizens. In January 2013, police arrested 3 ILLEGAL Georgian immigrants, who broke into the home of two elderly Greek women (aged 71 & 80), who were sisters, tied them up, robbed them, & BEAT THEM BOTH TO DEATH. Search on You Tube for: “Χτύπησαν μέχρι θανάτου τις δύο ηλικιωμένες”

  3. Globalisation of different religions, of different races, of different colours, of different values, of different aspirations, is this good ?

  4. Without borders of sovereignty to protect the values and standards that have been achieved by people of a nation, without borders of a title to protect ones own property without borders to protect ones own savings and wallet, will this be a better world ? Where invasion can prevail and become the protected standard, then the incentive for advancement shall stop.

  5. I’m not sure if he [Chris] means that the illegal Georgian immigrants deserve it that they were caught and will be facing long sentences, or if he meant that the old Greek couple deserve what happened to them? I certainly hope it wasn’t the latter.

    If you support a globalist system as the future order of the world, then you are by default opposed to nationalism.

  6. no you are not by default that because that is not the correct framing of the choice. I support capitalism and more PROUD OF MY COUNTRY than anything in the world (please note you are not Greek) and will do business around the world and sell my GREEK products as well around the world. One can be both


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