Discover Santorini Gastronomy Through Candlelight Dinners

Santorini-foodThe Greek island of Santorini, known across the world for its volcanic feeling, crystal-clear waters, majestic sunsets and picturesque villages, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. However, most people only discover Santorini’s unique gastronomy only after they visit the island and taste the goods it has to offer.

Santorini boasts supreme local produce, due to its volcanic soil and unique weather conditions. Cherry tomatoes, fava beans, vines and wines are just some of its most famous products.

Santorini Gastronomy, a project promoting the island’s culinary profile, allows tourists to combine their vacation with the unique opportunity to discover the quality, flavors and aroma of Santorini products through various activities.

The project offers sumptuous private candlelight dinners on the terrace of various hotels across the island, with astonishing views to the Theran sunset and the imposing caldera. Visitors can choose the menu that meets their personalized needs among a plethora of options or create a menu from scratch.

Santorini Gastronomy also offers small group wine tours in the island’s most famous wineries, as well as the only brewery that currently operates in Santorini.


Visitors will also be able to become familiar with the unique local products and add them to the most surprisingly delicious combinations, with the guidance of an experienced chef in cooking classes, organized as part of the project.

Finally, Santorini Gastronomy also offers five-course menus, where tradition meets modernity, creating an intriguing menu, with each local delicacy cooked to perfection.