Greeks Are Europe’s Eighth Highest Wine Consumers


Greece’s love for wine is a well known fact. However, a recent map puts this affection into a relative perspective.

According to a statistical map that compares annual per capita wine consumption in Europe, Greeks are the eighth highest wine consumers in the continent, as the country drinks 37 litres of wine per capita on an annual basis.

The results, which were compiled by writer Jacub Marian, found that Portugal is Europe’s most avid wine consumer with each Portuguese person drinking 55 litres of wine per year. The French are a close second, with a per capita wine consumption of 53 litres per year. The map further shows that each Turkish person drinks just 1 litre of wine per year.

The map is based on a World Health Organisation study released in 2014 that provides data on total alcohol consumption as well as alcohol in the form of wine consumption in various countries.

“To get the amount in litres, I took the total amount of alcohol consumed per capita, multiplied it by the fraction of alcohol consumed in the form of wine, and divided the result by 0.13, which is approximately the average alcohol content in wine. The number should therefore be thought of as the number of “standardized litres of wine” consumed and does not take into account possible regional preferences regarding the type of wine consume,” Marian writes.


  1. With our fast growing Muslim uninvited “guest” population we won’t be 8th for long. As a matter of fact on the subject I think I’ll have another….thank you.

  2. I cannot believe these figures, especially for the countries where grapes are grown by everyone. Where do the figures come from – shop sales?

  3. Provided it is Long Island Ice Tea served with meze.
    Still not clear if the reporter got the story right. Is it wine or whine that places us in world ranking? Neither solves our problems. The first eases the burden while the second only heightens our anxiety and so we go back to the first. Try making your own ambrosia from the vine and distill the rest for Tsipouro all tax free.

  4. Tea might be, meze is doubtfull.
    I always thought France held the wine record, so i was mistaken.
    If the reporter got his sources right of the wine thing Greece is on the first place then.
    About whining, well a politician over here said this week: you never know with Greece, next week it could be again a whole different story.
    Thats right, i forsee new elections and yes…then the whining starts again to bargain and hussle for more tranches without the trojka checking were the money goes to, its just a matter of time.
    There are only a few possibilitys how this endless transfer will end:
    The EU collapses, or the voters in all the other 18 countries will next time vote to political partys who are anti EU and if they come to power it will be the end of this drama.
    Or if there are enough fools to vote for the present partys it will be ongoing till riots will decide.

  5. I believe the end will come when it comes. Fatalistic, apathetic, maybe, or I just don’t think I have the time to write a thesis but this is how its been for six years. No matter the cause whether it be wars, epidemics, occupations, starvation we’ve been through, Greeks are still here. So pay little attention to the news especially financial as they report the bailout in euphoric terms only to have it dashed a few days or weeks later. The end will come soon enough when adults regain the decision making process and I hope they give those responsible on both sides for this mess a well deserved drubbing.