Tension Among Migrants in Lesvos – Police in Kos Make Plea for Help

migrants_LesvosTension broke among immigrants and refugees on the island of Lesvos, Greece, on Monday evening.

The new arrivals, who were in line outside the police station to get registered, began fighting among themselves after a group got tired of waiting and tried to cut the line.

A video from the incident shows rocks and other objects being thrown outside the police station.

The island of Lesvos, one of the main points of entry for the more than 120,000 refugees and migrants that have come into Europe, has a reported 4,000 immigrants and refugees at the moment.

In the southern Aegean Sea, the island of Kos has also been a major entry point for those crossing the sea from Turkey. Last week, an estimated 7,000 migrants and refugees were on the island. Riots broke out on Tuesday, while the following day migrants were locked inside the island’s stadium.

Amid this reality, the Union of Police Workers of the North Dodecanese Islands has issued a letter directed to the island’s prosecutor regarding the circumstances in Kos.

The letter describes the incidents created by migrants and refugees who try to force their way into the police station to get their documentation faster. The problem is further exacerbated by women and children sitting under the sun, the inability of many migrants and refugees to speak or understand English and by the limited number of police officers on the island.

“Unfortunately, we are one step away from experiencing an incident endangering human lives, serious physical injuries, sexual crimes, crimes against property and crimes of other nature,” the letter reads.

The union also claims that there is a hygienic problem on the island due to the combination of massive numbers of migrant and refugee arrivals, as well as the lack of reception facilities. The letter warns of disease outbreaks that could influence everybody on the island.

The union concludes by asking the prosecutor to intervene so that the police are able to effectively execute their duty. 

By midday Monday, 1,166 Syrian refugees had boarded the “Eleftherios Venizelos” passenger ship, which is docked in the port of Kos and is scheduled to host 2,000 to 2,500 migrants and refugees for 15 days.


  1. To see the video of the illegal immigrant riots on Lesbos, Search on You Tube for: “metanastes epeisodia kolimvitirio.” This, ladies and gentlemen is what all of Greece and Europe will look like if Marxist internationalists like SYRIZA are allowed to remain in power. Ask yourselves, is this the Europe that you want your children and grandchildren etc to grow up in? Most indigenous Europeans don’t, & won’t have secure guarded mansions to live in like these Marxist multimillionaires, most of whom ironically advocate for imported 3rd world multiculturalism whilst living in the safety of wealthy, nearly all White neighbourhoods, and heavily policed gated communities. It is your children, not Tsipras’ children who will be getting beaten, stabbed, raped, & killed by foreign criminals. Nationalist parties across Europe like Golden Dawn, have as their top priority, even higher than the economy, ensuring that indigenous Europeans are not transformed into tiny irrelevant minorities in the lands of their ancestors, as will surely happen if Marxist parties, & pseudo-right (Marxist in policy) parties like ND remain in power across Europe.

  2. What do you expect when you have so many desperate people in one location…
    All trying to get to Germany, France and the UK??
    Their homes have been blown apart with no jobs or way to provide for their families,,,
    Riots will occur and it will get worse….Greece cannot look after themselves let alone others…
    Their is no European dream…what these people have to look forward to is a life of poverty…and being displaced???

  3. At the best you can shelter all those ppl. in the eu, and feed them, so that they are safe.
    In the meantime take action if needed by force since it seems there are no other options.
    Create safe harbours within the countries itself, hunt the smugglers.
    And after all if this has been done send the ppl. back, but i mean realy send them back.
    There is already enough unemployment and poverty in the eu zone that has to be solved, we cannot afford hundred of thousands asylment seekers.
    Never the less for the time beeing out of human grounds now we must provide them shelter in the EU but just temporarlily, and that last word is very important.

  4. I agree that we should be careful not to let our countries flood with immigrants, especially without checking them. However we should provide help for the real refugees and not the fortune seekers or sleeping cells of ISIS. Europe is trying to be politically correct to the extend its really naive & will certainly create dangerous situations for all.
    Still, extreme right parties like XA are populated mostly by uneducated nationalistic and violent people.. the type you don’t want in government either. People that hardly know their own history(except from the heroic versions that come with pictures) cause they have never read a book in their lives (apart from Liakopoulos) and speak of being of pure Hellenic blood as if there still is such a thing in modern Greece. People that have their country’s flag or other nationalistic symbols as profile pic often prove to be scary extremists and potentially more dangerous then immigrants.

  5. Yes we should treat these poor souls as asylum seekers. Lets welcome them into our homes, share our meals, worship values with us and make them welcomed just before they slit our throats take whatever we have left and disappear across the border. These people for the most part are criminals, in contempt of our laws and bent on destroying our culture. If you cannot see it for what it is then take a group of migrant men into your home and then tell us what you “think” and not…….feel.

  6. All Χρυσή Αυγή MPs served in the Greek military, XA’s leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and XA MP Ilias Kasidiaris are both former commandos.

    XA MEP Eleftherios Synadinos is a former Lieutenant-general, and former Director of the Special Forces of the Greek Army. XA MEP Georgios Epitideios is a former Lieutenant general, former Director of the Department of Crisis Management of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS). XA member retired Brigadier Athanasios Papadopoulos served as Squadron Commander of Artillery, Director for the Office Division and Corps, Office Manager of the Civil-Military Cooperation in NATO Headquarters in Thessaloniki (G’SS / NDC-GR), Deputy Brigade & Defence Attaché and Military Attaché of the Greek embassy in Moscow.

    Senior XA members and XA MPs served in and commanded Greek special forces, and even represented Greece overseas, e.g by holding leadership positions in the EUMS, so your above claim that XA members hardly know their own nation’s history is ridiculous.

    For non-Greek speakers, XA is taken from the initials of Χρυσή Αυγή which is the name for Golden Dawn in the Greek language.

  7. there does not appear to be much reporting of this in mainstream media in greece – i suspect the Tsipras junta is suppressing reports of assaults and violence


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