The Reason Why Beer Is Cheaper in Greece

BeerAlthough 19 of the 28 European Union (EU) member-states have adopted the euro as their common currency, the value of goods and services greatly varies from one market to another, according to an article published in French newspaper Le Monde.

Recent statistical information provided by Eurostat for 2014 revealed that two main groups are formed in Europe.

As the French newspaper mentioned, on one hand there are the countries of southern and eastern Europe, where the price index is below the EU-28 average, and on the other, there are the countries of western and northern Europe, where the index is estimated above the average. In the middle, one can find Germany and Italy.

In an effort to explain the main reason beer costs less in some euro area countries than in others, Le Monde pointed out that although beer is a product that can easily be found anywhere, it is a special case since taxation on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes greatly differs from one country to another.