Small Greek Island and Residents Not Recognized for Financial Gain

levithaA Greek family that has been living alone on a small Aegean island called Levitha since 1820 is not being acknowledged by the state which will not recognize their or the island’s existence, in order to serve financial interests in the Aegean Sea.

Levitha, an islet located between Patmos and Leros is inhabited by the family of Dimitris Kamboso, whose great-great-grandfather settled there in 1820. As expected, the remote island inhabitants face several problems in their everyday lives. It is not easy, living without neighbors in the middle of nowhere. The nearest inhabited area is located 24 nautical miles away, 2.5 hours by boat.

The winters are particularly hard, since the family can be left stranded on the island due to the strong winds and rough. Therefore, they always make sure to have enough provisions and supplies.

At the moment, however, the Kambosos family is facing a more serious issue, since the Municipality of Leros is trying to declare the inhabited island as an uninhabited islet. It all began in February 2013 when a renewable energy company sought to lease properties in five islands in the region in order to install wind turbines.

It appears that the municipality has the upper hand in the situation due to the way in which the statistical authority conducted the census process in 2011. According Dimitris Kambosos, agency officials contacted him, asking to fill out the census form via the phone in order to avoid the trip to Levitha. The family accepted in good faith. As a result, after the census, the number of residents recorded on the island amounted to zero and the island had been declared by Leros’ mayor as an uninhabited islet.

On the other hand, the Greek Defense Ministry has informed the Municipality that Levitha cannot be classified as an uninhabited islet, because in such a case, the international law does not recognize its rights to the Continental Shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).


  1. Obviously money changing hands between the wind farming-land speculators and the municipality officials. If the Kambosos Family have paid taxes it must be recorded somewhere and that should be adequate proof of occupancy. While the taxing authorities are busy, perhaps someone can audit the speculator’s and official’s bank accounts including cash transactions. Overstuffed envelopes to government officials are becoming rare these days.

  2. Big government “caring” about the people. Got a love it.

    In the last hundred years communists made countless speeches about how much they cared about the people…. yet murdered millions. Unfortunately most Greeks seem to have forgotten the cold war. They have even forgotten the thousands of Greeks patriots who gave up their lives to fight Marxism and save Greece during the civil war. Instead they voted for a Marxist in the shameless expectation that they would roll back cuts like the good old days under Pasok. Then we wonder why Greece is a mess.

  3. Useless is the only word for it…Lack of intelligence or common sense of some public servants in Greece is unbelievable…It is so bad that it is worse than impoverished nations….Incompetence at its best…
    For gods sake the guy is a Greek and should be give this guy a medal for occupying the island on his own and be patriotic as he is..
    And they do not want to recognise the guy..We are Greeks at the end of the day…
    Help the man out…

  4. Taxes are drawn from those who have a stable occupation, however, the family sustain themselves from their home grown produce and local marine products… This is a family trying to exist the best way they can in a world of corruption, greed, and political opportunism…


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