Everymatic Organizes ‘Tailor-Made’ Vacation in Greece

everymaticScottish singer-songwriter of UK indie band Cosmic Rough Riders, Stephen Fleming, met Greek-British Alex Papasimakopoulou about 20 years ago in Glasgow. She was raised in Athens but moved to the UK for her master’s degree.

Fleming was always excited to spend time in Greece, a country with good weather where the sun always shines. They kept coming to Greece every year and used to organize trips to different places.

It wasn’t long before their British friends started asking them for advice. At some point they even found themselves in a pub, discussing Greek tourist destinations with friends of friends. That was the moment they decided they could make a profit through their vast knowledge of Greece.

They set up a travel company called Everymatic and their goal is to create vacation packages according to each customer’s specifications. “Most of our customers love Greece and they have already visited the country many times, so they are looking for a more authentic experience, they want to do the things locals would normally do on their vacation. We take care of their flights and hotels, even private villas and yachts, as well as anything else they need,” they two entrepreneurs said in an interview to Popaganda.gr

When asked whether they believe that tourism in Greece is affected by the country’s current situation, they said that at some level this is true. “Our customers are afraid these days,” they said. “People are more sceptical.”


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