Greek Environment Minister Announces Stoppage of Skouries Goldmine Development

Panos SkourletisGreek Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panos Skourletis announced on Wednesday that there will be a temporary stop on the ongoing gold mining project in Skouries, northern Greece.

“With my decision today, we recall the approval of the technical studies. That means a temporary halt of the company’s work in Skouries,” he said after noting that the company had violated some of the studies’ agreed terms.

Skourletis added that while investments are welcome and necessary, investing companies must respect their agreed commitments to ensure the well-being of the state and the environment.

The Skouries goldmine is still being developed by Hellas Gold. The project has been subject to controversy for many years, as environmentalists and part of the local population have opposed and often demonstrated against the mine, citing environmental damage and the mine’s effects on the area’s tourism industry as reasons.

Canadian gold mining company Eldorado Gold is the majority owner of Hellas Gold. Skoureltis’ announcement comes after the Greek Council of the State had ruled in favor of Eldorado Gold on August 13.


  1. How does a company violate a study? Were any laws broken to cause the mining operation to cease? If they were, they should have been enumerated in detail for the media. This is the government’s weak attempt to distract public attention from key immigration and capitulation issues. Probably the German Finance Minister’s friends have their eye on “acquiring” a golden opportunity at depressed prices as Greece loses another valuable asset to stupidity. A more pressing issue when will the Parthenon be auctioned off?

  2. Haven’t you heard the Parthenon was sold the other day. Didn’t attract any media coverage. Not sure who bought it but it is now officially known as The Wolfgang.

  3. They stopped the development because of the elections. After that, they will allow it again to continue so as to destroy completely the natural environment of Skouries and undermining the health and quality of life of the locals.