Greek Finance Ministry: 20% of Inspected Businesses Commit Financial Violations

greek_finance_ministryThe Greek Finance Ministry’s General Secretariat of Public Revenue released information on Wednesday regarding financial inspection efforts across the country from the past few weeks.

Out of 5,031 inspected businesses between August 10 and August 16, 1.027 were found committing financial violations. This amounts to 20.41% of inspected businesses. The infringing businesses committed a total of 2,399 violations.

The data was compiled from the inspections carried out by the General Secretariat’s three separate agencies. One of these agencies, the Financial Crime Unit (SDOE), found that 417 out of the 1.535 it inspected had committed a total of 1,260 violations.

Violations from July 27 until August 16 were of a similar scale, as 3.310 out of 16.263 inspected businesses in Greece had committed financial infringements.


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