Samaras Criticizes Government for Stance on Airport Privatization

SamarasFormer Prime Minister Antonis Samaras criticized the Greek government harshly for having accused his then-government of “selling out” on the issue of privatizations by trying to sell some of Greece’s regional airports, when current premier Alexis Tsipras is now embracing it.

Samaras was commenting on the government’s decision to go ahead with the sale of 14 regional airports to the joint venture of Fraport-Slentel, a deal which had been vehemently contested by Syriza and which Tsipras had vowed to annul when he came to power.

“The government decided eventually to go ahead with the privatization of 14 airports, exactly in the way the previous government had agreed. Then, it had denounced the decision as a suspicious sellout; now it is adopting it as a beneficial and important agreement,” the former leader of New Democracy said. “He could have apologized of course, but he has no shame…” he added.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. He came to power on a wave of optimism. The Greeks voted NO to more austerity. He went into Brussels both arms swinging. In the end he crawled out on hands & knees totally beaten & accepting the harshest agreement ever regarding austerity. The Greek Parliament voted overwhelmingly on the new austerity measures. What happened to Greek PRIDE. The new bailout money will go to pay back the lenders, the Troika. Greece will see none of it. None of this makes sense. He has given in to Brussels(read Germany)& for what? to stay in the Euro & commit his country & his people to unending austerity. Unbelievable

  2. What more can be said from someone who entered office with such great hopes and left in such shame. Samaras resigned July 5th and just can’t help himself in proving the American saying that every so often even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  3. both sellouts

    what are you, samaras, 3 years old wanting apologies to help your rightfully battered ego? criticizing someone for doing the exact same thing you did, albeit with a 6 month fight vs you who never put up a fight.

  4. I agree with you a 100 percent. Where is that Greek pride and courage that Greeks of the past said OXI to Mussolini and fought the Nazi’s in World War 2. My grandfather who fought the Nazi’s is probably rolling in his grave.

  5. You confuse popularity with competence. Just because he was unpopular among extremists that now mostly support communists and fascists doesn’t mean Samaras resigned in shame. He just an old man that got tired of arguing with irrational Greeks that demonized him because he supported austerity. Tsipiras implicitly vindicated him the second he flip flopped on austarity (as did all that continue to support Tsipiras even if they lack the integrity to admit it).

    The shame is entirely on the shoulders of the Greeks that continue to whine against government cuts or support extremes like communists and fascists. Some Greeks seem to have forgotten there were two great evils in the 20th century and now subscribe to them.

  6. I would say the battered ego is to be found among the extremists that believed voting for a communist would lead to an end in cuts. As Tsipiras flip flopping on cuts shows, Samaras was right all along.

    Unfortunately those that were wrong about unavoidably of cuts refuse to change because they put their egos and handout ideology ahead of Hellenism.

  7. He isn’t as popular as he thinks he is. In the snap election I believe Greeks will be making a snap vote. 61.5% of the people who voted NO in the recent referendum, wont change stance and embrace EU dictatorship and looting like never seen before just because Tsipras says so. Tsipras wont get re elected, but Syriza probably will.

  8. The far leftist geniuses that voted for the extreme of a Marxist have fractured into two groups now that Tsipiras has (predictably) flipflopped and supports, unavoidable, cuts like Samaras.

    Group A. In compete denial so they continue to support Tsipiras out of pride (because to do otherwise is admit Samaras was right and that they were the problem all along)

    Group B. Call Tsipiras a sellout just like they did their last great leftist savior Papandreou.

    Either way their reaction does not bode well for Greece’s future because their entitlement beliefs have fundamentally remained unchanged. Unless the majority of Greeks change attitudes, Greece will continue its decline into third world status (and eventually non-existence if their behavior goes on long enough)

  9. 61.5 percent of Greeks that voted no are incompetent. The fact so many Greeks voted for a Marxist fifth columns in the ridiculous expectation they could vote their way out of cuts and have foreign taxpayers pick up the tab speaks volume about the integrity of majority of leftists in Greece. “Greek” leftists are vultures not Greeks.

  10. Hmm, sometimes foresight can be proved wrong, as in this case. Politicians never fulfill all of their promises, but, this Guy went back on ALL of his AND still remains in power after the election. Greeks, strange people. But having said that, what were the choices. The other two parties caused all this mayhem with such blatant corruption, so they voted for someone untainted. Well time will tell,


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