SYRIZA MP Lafazanis: We will not Give the Green Light for a Third Memorandum

lafazanis1The Greek government’s problems caused by its shift to a memorandum policy cannot be answered with bluffs or tricks, SYRIZA deputy Panagiotis Lafazanis on Wednesday said in statements to Real FM.

“The snap elections insinuate anti-democratic ideas and can neither deceive the citizens nor save a government that implements harsh memorandum policies. The only way the country can be saved is through the cancellation of the old and new memoranda so that Greece makes a new start based on a new anti-memorandum policy,” he underlined. He added that the national currency, if needed, along with the write-off of the largest part of the debt are the vehicles to achieve the abolition of memoranda and boost liquidity in the economy.

Asked if the ‘Left Platform’ gives a vote confidence to the government to implement its policy and the third memorandum, Lafazanis replied: “I personally and the deputies of the Left Platform said a clear ‘No’ to the third memorandum keeping the same stance as in the two previous memoranda.”
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. What a big surprise. Tsipiras didn’t roll back cuts after all and now supports even more severe cuts than Samaras (an added “gift” for the geniuses that vote for a Marxist and “no” in the referendum)

    It’s not the fault of our leftists though. Our millions of far leftists are never to blame for anything. How could they have guessed a leftist leader would make empty promises for handouts in order to get elected?. It’s not like this has ever happened before. Give them some slack. No one could possibly be stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice.

    (cough cough… Papandreou)

  2. Wisdom from the mouth of a disenfranchised radical. Lafazanis must come forward with a platform of policies with two assumptions. The first remaining in the EZ without punishing austerity and economic stimulus, the second a plan of economic contingencies should Greece default or otherwise leave the EZ. Forward thinking is now needed to demonstrate fundamental differences with the current regime’s capitulation. Once the people understand someone has their best interest in mind and means to do what they say they will support his or her policies with their vote.

  3. Tsipras has killed The Syriza government, and will purge out, anything that’s left of it in a snap election situation. He is a double agent by design, or very thick.