Luxury Yacht Sinks Off the Coast of Mykonos

mykonos_hayiatLocals and tourists on the Greek island of Mykonos came across a strange scene, when a luxury yacht started sinking in the island’s crystal clear waters.

The boat was located between Mykonos’ most famous beaches Psarou and Platis Gialos, both of which attract a large number of tourists and locals on a daily basis. When the boat started sinking, people were upset and immediately alerted the port authority, while snapping photos and taking videos with their mobile phones.

According to local media, all passengers were safely transferred to shore and no one was injured during the incident. However, authorities have yet to determine what caused the yacht to sink.

Video footage released by Mykonos LiveTV shows the yacht sinking and several people attempting to approach it with their boats. Port authority officers arrived a little later and have been trying to determine what caused the incident.


  1. The cause for the sinking will probably be too many “migrants” clinging on to the transom of the ship pulling it down beneath the waves. Viewing the bottom plating of the bow area, it appears the vessel struck bottom and flooded aft. Now all that can be done is refloat the vessel tow it to Izmir and secretly sell it to Turkish government officials and their accomplices.

  2. The fish ate some of the yacht’s hull… its a new form of MARINE TAX implemented by the TROIKA.