New Democracy Leader Meimarakis Slams Greek PM for Resignation

New Democracy held an urgent press conference to address Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ resignation and proclamations of snap elections in September, on Thursday evening.

With Tsipras’ resignation, the following political development is for Greece’s second most powerful political party, New Democracy, to try to form a government. Should ND fail to form a government two more parties will attempt to do so before the country heads to the ballot.

New Democracy leader Evangelos Meimarakis confirmed that the party will accept the mandate to form a new government and noted that the party is ready for a potential pre-election battle.

Meimarakis accused Tsipras of giving up by resigning and succumbing to the threat of SYRIZA political dissident Panagiotis Lafazanis and the other party dissidents. Meimarakis even praised Lafazanis for staying true to his left beliefs.

“I believe that true leaders win battles, and not scared and carefree people who abandon their mandate. Because no one can understand why Mr. Tsipras resigned. From his proclamation, it seems that he resigned for a reason he could have sold during a party conference,” Meimarakis said.

He further accused Tsipras of deceiving the Greek people as well as Greece’s international creditors by calling for elections right after securing a third Greek bailout deal. 


  1. or maybe Tsipras got cold feet remaining PM under dire circumstances and decided to exit the political theater while he still can.
    Bags packed
    Farewell address
    Air tickets to Brussels
    Wife and kids in the car
    Mansion locked
    Goodbye & good luck

  2. Would be interesting to see Schauble’s face right now… As this all plays into his hands of a departing Greece. The Greek people again, however, will be faced with political uncertainty feeding into the economic failure imposed by others and a future that seems to be continually getting further out of reach….

  3. Are you kidding??? You even asked for elections to be called..
    What is sad is that no one is governing for the benefit of the Greek people…
    And Greece…


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