Urban Owl: Greek Startup Company Shows the World Greece’s Creative Side

owl7_1A Greek startup company has impressed people across world, showing the world that there is also a more creative and productive side to Greece. Urban Owl Eyewear belongs to Dimitris Diamantis and it produces handmade sunglasses made exclusively in Greece, targeting European markets.

The company’s progress, despite the country’s adverse economic situation, demonstrates that the ambition and productivity are still alive in Greece.

Urban Owl glasses consist of a handmade frame and unique lenses, containing rare elements that have the ability to selectively filter sunlight. As a result, the lens’ combination of special tint with blue light control filters has a profound effect on the image quality. Furthermore, the lens also protects the wearer from all sources of blue and ultraviolet light, such as the sun, or tablet and computer screens.

Company owner Dimitris Diamantis noted that he wanted to prove young Greeks still have hope and they continue to chase their dreams. “I have heard people claiming that Greeks are lazy, that they don’t work a lot and that they have gotten what they deserved. This is not Greece. I want to show the world another side of the Greek people.”

Another big part of this project focuses on solidarity for people in need. That is why the company has been in contact with a well-known non-profit organization in Greece, in order to ensure transparency in all transactions. For each pair of Urban Owl sunglasses sold through the IndieGoGo campaign set up by Diamantis, the company will donate 5 euros to charity.


  1. Although handmade crafts industries like this can find a niche market there are essentially two ways to boast productivity. Low wages (that typically make up the bulk of production costs) or leveraging technology. The utilization of the latter method is precisely why Germany remains an export machine and has high wages despite the rise of low wage China.

    What Greece really needs is technology based companies. Without our own technology to improve productivity we simply can’t compete on global markets. (Using someone else’s technology is good only insofar as it fills a void you don’t specialize in)

    Thus…. we need far more engineers, software developers, physicists, and other scientists that can create technology. We also need to foster an entrepreneurial environment where citizens are economically rewarded and respected for their efforts (rather than current situation of millions of ranting far leftist extremists that whine about our businesses and the wealthy)

  2. The established professionals you write of have for the most part have already left the country. To entice them back will take far more that a start-up business can offer. The only talent that can be drawn from are university graduates provided they have a incubator to establish their business and have guidance how to grow it. Secondarily punitive regulations and taxes on business MUST be mitigated or these brave-new start-up entrepreneurs will pack up and leave Greece for economically pro-business countries.

  3. We have the engineers, we just don’t have the businessmen. People are far too dependent on the state, and those that aren’t, can’t get past all the red tape to open one in time to be competitive. So they move abroad.

  4. Unfortunately polycrates is correct. Those who are capable are able to secure jobs overseas and have left. Imaging being able to earn money in euros, dollars opounds and staying in Greece where you have the threat of a drachma, government uncertainty and competence being overridden by corruption. Serous good people have left unless Greece shows stability.

  5. When you block the mining excavations in Northern Greece which would have employed these Greek University graduates as Engineers, Surveyors etc then you will have minus Greeks in Greece.

  6. We have to fight here in Greece, because we have several competitive advantages despite the bad feeling for business…

  7. Phil,

    the issue is not the product, the issue is the business model. Can we follow game changing practices? Because if we do not we will lose even in the products that traditionally we are #1, like tourism, food etc.

    So technology is not about the product only, but also for the distribution, the presentation, the interaction, the usage of the product etc.

    We have to follow the latest trends. I believe that this can be achieved in Greece without migrating. Of course it is against the odds, but only under these circumstances a new startup can thrive….

  8. I wish that were true but the election of a Marxist shows just how extremely anti-business the environment Greece actually is. The chief problem isn’t even the communists currently in office. It’s the millions of incompetent far leftist extremists that voted for them. Unless the attitudes of those millions change, Greece is going nowhere but down. (literally failed state somewhere down the road if they continue their behavior)

  9. Indeed. Unfortunately as recently as a few months ago 61% of the population that voted “no” to austarity… along with those that voted for a communists…continues to demonstrate large sections of the Greek population may talk about being business friendly but their actions go against it.