Eurogroup Chair Dijsselbloem Supports Greek PM’s Decision for Elections

dijsselboem“I hope that they are as quick as possible so that the least possible amount of time is wasted,” stated Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselboem.

“I think the intention of Prime Minister Tsipras is to get a more stable government,” he added, expressing his hope that the Greek people will show their support to the new bailout program.

He also stated that Tsipras did not breach any of the agreement terms when he announced his resignation and snap elections. Furthermore, he expressed his belief that Greece will uphold its end of the bargain, even after the election results are announced.

A large majority supported the new bailout program in the Greek Parliament and we expect that the support will be even greater after the elections, he added.

However, he also stated that he had not been informed about the Greek Prime Minister’s decision to resign or call for elections in the days prior to the official announcement.